Upcoming changes to the official Empire AFK Policy

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  1. As mentioned in the Economy Balance thread, we will soon be enforcing an AFK policy on the Empire.

    First off, the current AFK system will be improved to be more accurate, and will fully identify people who use methods to try to trick the system. Details of how it will identify you will not be released, but if someone can show a case of it identifying you as AFK when it shouldn't have then we will fix that.

    Away Mode will engage after 10 minutes of inactivity, but at this 10 minute mark all the Away mode flag triggers is auto response to /tell's and Messages.

    After 1 Hour of being in away mode has passed, 2 things can happen:
    • If the server is 75% full, you will be disconnected.
    • If it is less than 75% full, your Player will go "inactive"
      Inactive players will be disregarded by the server for most actions:
      • Nothing will spawn near the player
      • Blocks will not tick (crops)
      • Monsters will despawn if no active player is nearby
      • Entities will not activate near the player even if in range (Animals will not move much)
      • Player interactions will be blocked (So holding button down will do nothing)

    What does this mean to automatic farms?
    Automatic farms will continue to work to what ever level Mojang intends. It appears 1.8 may or may not break them still.
    However, we are currently not planning to alter the behavior of automatic farms (but reserve the right to if the need is felt).
    We simply ask that you do not log in on an alt and sit AFK 24 hours a day. We ask that you PLAY the game while collecting resources. In essence, you should find another task to do while waiting for the automatic system to collect resources.

    • Set up a cobblegen! Mine cobble while farming iron or crops, collecting 2 things at once
    • Set up a farm! Farm crops while collecting iron or gold
    • Smelt/Process! Do the cobble gen while collecting iron and then smelt the cobble. Bonus: extra XP!
    • Hand slay the monsters in your farm: XP And items!
    As you see, your farms will still work to what ever Mojang allows, we are just stopping the behavior of collecting massive amount of resources while not even playing the game.

    There is no ETA on when these policies will be enforced, potentially after DT.
  2. o.o first :D I like it Aikar :D
  3. Very nice!

    Question; if your player goes inactive, what can we do to make it active again?
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  4. I think it would be nice to see players being able to use /afk to notify players that they are going afk.
  5. Already possible, /away, I'll add /afk as an alias.
  6. Simply play. If you're doing things, it will count as activity. I can't be too specific or it will give people ideas to try to bypass it.
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  7. Iron farms and gold farms still function as usual.
  8. Do you mean in 1.8? Grum has mentioned something about villages changes that may make iron farms "pointless" in his words.
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  9. That doesn't sound like a simple movement of the mouse makes the player active again, if I understand correctly.

    Also, I'm very glad that you are not 'punishing' the builders from automatic designs like Mojang intended to do, but still found a nice way to make AFK-ing less rewarding.
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  10. I have a mob farm that is based on killing mobs with my fists, but they all come to a central point. I pretty much only use this when I watch a movie or something on YouTube. Will I largely be affected by this?
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  11. Yeah, 1.8.
  12. Great really glad you're listening to what players have to say :)
  13. Nice! One question will this affect the afk pools and minecart methods?
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  14. Those should already mark you as away. (currently)
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  15. I'm the same, except I play on a different Minecraft window while I AFK (sometimes EMC, sometimes not).

    Will the policy affect me?
  16. i'm glad this is being put back into effect. :)

    why wouldn't it? it doesn't matter if you're on another account somewhere else on EMC, the policy goes by account thats online.. so you can be fully active on one alt, but do nothing on the other.. the other will still go inactive.
    (the only way i see it wouldn't matter is if both of your accounts are on the same res/area because your active person will be keeping the things around going when the other isn't)
    is that what you're meaning? because to me, that is avoiding the system of the afk thing.. and that isn't fair to other players who don't have a second account to use..
    that is kinda like building one of those whirl pools so you don't stand still..
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  17. Me: Aww yeah, we get an /away command!
    Aikar: We already have this.

    Dangit being absent for months, I feel like a noob. I actually went through the tutorial and had to look up how to give res flags. But I think this is a good idea :).
  18. I can confirm that AFK pools already mark you as away as Chickeneer stated, so yes it already affects those methods
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  19. Finally I love this thanks aikar :D
  20. ooh nice this is a great idea will like an auto clicker software type thing change this, guessing it'll keep you from being away but obviously this is illegal etc. and dont worry I wont do it :p