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  1. In the next few days I plan to build an ungriefable building in the wild. Coordinates will be made public. Come at me bro.

    Done! coordinates: 9251, -171

    SMP 2 xD Sorry

    I made it smaller than I had planned because I wanted to do it quickly after teasing all of you. Incidentally, there is a code inside, and if you happen to get to it without destroying it and are the first person to pm it to me, you will win a prize! (A pickaxe, or diamonds.) Will be watching your exploits!
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  2. Even if you make it all out of obsidian, it will still get griefted. You cant make something un-griefable.
  3. I can. and will.
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  4. Have fun with that then....
  5. Thanks! Being ungriefable is a lot easier than people believe.
  6. Me and my army of cake will take you down.

    Oh, I am coming for you!
  7. Lets all just try to grief for the lolz (im kidding unless its ok)
  8. Just don't get banned for it. We'd hate for all that cake to go stale....
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  9. You are all welcome to try and grief it a soon as I build it.
  10. lets get the tnt cannons, water buckets and the efficiency/unbreaking diamond picks out
  11. Tnt won't effect my building design.
  12. That akward moment when ICC pops up where your building it with TNT in his hands
    1. Diggy diggy a 10x10x10 hole.
    2. Cover top two with dirt
    3. cover 6 layers with stone
    4. /map hide
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  13. Fine we will have to invade from the inside
  14. ICC decides to come in with his large amounts of tnt and blows 6 layers of the world up
  15. just dont fill it with lava as a trap...
  16. I will not feel bad if I see another post by you in a week that says "I got griefed!!1"
  17. Lava will play no part in oit. It will not be hidden.
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  18. Wait, so would we be allowed to grief him, as its kind of like a challenge? If so, GET YOUR PICKAX'S READY!
    If not, why would you people EVER want to grief this poor guy?
  19. i think it should be actual griefers only and we put someone with fraps there and watch them grief and ban them