Um...what? (An encounter in waste)

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  1. So here I am, mob hunting with SilencEchoes, and we see this.

    It was just a void. Arrows wouldn't fly through it. Mobs stopped at the edge. Then SilencEchoes dipped in and it filled back up. Aikar, I need answers. XD
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  2. This happens to sombody else recently yesterday
  3. I blame giant endermen. They're no longer content with stealing single blocks and now they're making off with whole chunks.
  4. This. I accept this as a valid explanation. XD
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  5. Day 32:
    Aikar's super laser drill first implemented at the utopia staff meeting is performing well.
    Barring any unforeseen circumstances, it should be able to drill out 4 chunks at a time by the end of this week.
    This technology could be disastrous if it falls into the wrong hands.
  6. That's a nice texture pack by the way.
  7. Thank you ^_^ It's Wolion if you ever want to try it out.
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  8. Broken chunk data
  9. f3+a reloads the chunks that might have fixed it
  10. First, as someone above already mentioned, this happened to another player as well. You can find the thread where this got discussed right here. The most likely explanation is a client error: somehow the chunk (section of the land) didn't get loaded which resulted in this. Relogging should fix the trick (or another update like someone else joining).

    However, I like conspiracy theories much better!

    Yeah, a new custom mob (AI?) which somehow managed to escape the control of the senior staff... And I have proof to back up this theory too! :D

    So last evening Matheus got bored and decided to build a railroad at SMP2 spawn with his favorite pet in it. Not much later Simon joined and then all of a sudden this happened:

    Endermen do like to stay in the shadows, don't they? You could consider them to be somewhat of a shadow...

    Dun, dun, duun!
  11. Thanks!
  12. It's most likely a world hole, relogging usually fixes it, or that F3 thing someone else^^^ mentioned. As far as I know it is only visible to the person with the "broken" chunk data. Could be wrong/off on that though.
  13. Yeah I think anyone within range can see it because the person I was with saw it too. I made them come over so I knew I wasn't crazy. Lol
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  14. Maybe it's a new boss - the enraged enderman
    Instead of taking a block he takes a chunk.
    There is no new enderman based mob, yet. That is just a messed up chunk, updating a block next to it should sort it.