Turning Off Auto-Jump

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  1. If you're like me and absolutely hate this feature because it almost kills you in The End because you didn't know it existed, then here is how you can turn it off:

    Open up the Options screen, click on Controls, and it's at the very top. It's called "Auto-jump" and just click it to turn it off.

    I fail to see why this was implemented. Ugh!
  2. or worse... why is it default on :/
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  3. It auto-jumps when you're trying to walking up stairs, which slows you down - Mojang logic :(
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  4. Oh rly?
  5. technically, if you sprint up the stairs, spamming the jump key can make you go faster! :) Just saying....
  6. Because then the mobile players will come to the PC version because they were too lazy to get used to pressing another button... Ehhh dont really know...
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  7. For wich Operating system is that auto-jump ? Not for windows so far i see. No Auto jump. never seen it inworld too.
  8. The auto-jump feature is in your 1.10 client. If you are still on the 1.9 client than you wouldnt have it.
  9. Isn't auto jump kickable by most servers as it detects it as a hack?
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  10. Is a minecraft feature now... It aint hacking now
  11. One can only assume that when you first join, you don't expect to be jumping the entire game.
    Also, how did you almost die? All it does is make you go up...
    And it was implemented because Mojang plans on having all versions be the same one day. (PC still holds on the hope of fallen trees and squid babies)
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  12. I had some stairs built on an End Island and I run towards them knowing that it'll stop me when I hit the first block and then I jump up slowly but in this case it just kept on going and had I not been paying attention closely I would've fallen off the edge.
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  13. The auto-jump feature comes from Minecraft Pocket Edition. It's mainly used on mobile platforms to make jumping easier for players that find it difficult to coordinate their fingers to tap the on-screen jump button. It's also helpful for people who can't move their thumb finger easily and those who often get stuck on inclines to jump. Without the auto-jumping, getting stuck from not manually jumping could lead the player to dying from an enemy mob or player, such as a creeper being able to catch up to them and explode.
    It's especially important for new players to Minecraft, as they won't feel unfairly treated as much when they try to get away from a hostile mob.

    Thus, the auto-jump feature is on by default for psychological reasons.

    When most people encounter something new, their brain becomes so focused on that one thing that they stop processing other stimuli. This can include knowing how and when to jump in Minecraft. A newcomer's anxiety level likely goes up when getting stuck on an incline, while being chased by a hostile mob. Too much anxiety causes distress which directs brain activity away from the left hemisphere that controls logical/critical/analytical thinking which, in return, worsens their game performance by player-input.
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  14. I dislike this feature myself, and hope every YouTuber I watch will turn it off.
    I do think it will help some people, though.
    I don't like that it's turned on by default, though.
    Mojang's mentality was as follows:
    if we put it on by default, people will know about it. If we put it off by default, they won't know it's even a feature.
    That does make sense. But, there will still be people starting to play Minecraft after 1.10's release.
    And these people will not know about the feature either. These people might not find a way to turn it off for a long while, as I am one of the only people I know who, when getting a new game, goes through all of the option menus (which Minecraft has a lot of, mind you!) before actually starting to play the game.
    So yeah... I'm afraid many people will prefer it off but don't know it's possible to turn it off.
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  15. Just adding my 2 cents and yeah: I also do not like the fact that it was turned on by default. For the simple reason that I highly value backwards compatibility. As in: not changing things too much and making sure that if you enjoy an older version of something then you'll also be able to enjoy (or use) a newer version.

    Minecraft PC has always been about jumping, so it doesn't feel right to me that they suddenly opt to remove that aspect by default. It would have been better (IMO obviously) if they had used a middle ground: when a new profile is being generated (so a new data directory with default settings) then it can be turned on, you're dealing with a new player.

    But as soon as the system detects an already present profile then: off it is. This prevents existing members from feeling alienated from their own game. Esp. after all the ruckus we had with the combat update I think the last Mojang should do is give us even more unwelcomed features.
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  16. I can see times when it will be nice to use, just not as a surprise when I'm running around End islands... or if I was in the nether near some lava pits lol

    Now that I know it's there I can use it when it may be useful.
  17. Personally, I don't like it. I just turn it off. No big deal, if you care to look into options, it's pretty easy to assume the toggle for it is under controls. I don't have a real comment on it. I don't think it makes sense for the PC edition... but if there's an eventual hope for compatibility among all platforms, it's necessary.
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  18. I am not sure this makes sense. Who is treating them unfairly? It is their job to learn the game controls and options, it nearly always has been.