[TROLL] Recent Dupe Issue

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by chickeneer, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Staff Reminder: Use of any exploits IS grounds for Perma-Ban.

    Ok, I admit, this is a bit of a troll, but IS a bug. Does not actually duplicate items, remember to not purposely use a duplication glitch, instead immediately report to a staff member. This actually does not duplicate items, so no harm in doing this.

    Live Demonstration

    Edit: thread not intended for non-staff. *Video removed*

    Ok, here is a short video I whipped up displaying how to reproduce the duplication bug. Does work on other blocks than diamonds, but if you hear a player talking about this bug. Do your best to keep them quiet - if necessary get an admins help to shut them up. We need to keep this secret until Aikar can fix it tonight.
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  2. ohh em gee, it works!
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  3. *Looks at calendar...*
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  4. pretty sure this was ment for staff only -_-
  5. :rolleyes:
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  6. -Instructions unclear
    -Tried it
    -Accidentally spawned herobrine
    -Please help
  7. I had the same problem :(
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  8. Ok, someone reported this, I moved it. Was this a joke? If so, could you maybe tell us in pm first? If it is, delete my post and move it back. Otherwise, did I save the day? :confused:

  9. Not sure if troll or not.
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  10. Crap posted it iin the wrong forum. Ignore this thread. Good thing no one can find the video
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  11. chicken stop telling em how to hax!
  12. Are we allowed to use that glitch? Since the staff posted a video on how to use it? :p
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  13. Downloaded a copy :rolleyes:
  14. oh em gee we can has all the dimonds
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  16. Can't tell if troll thread or something we should worry about.
    EDIT 1:If it is real, shouldn't chickeneer remove the video from his youtube or have EMC turned off until it is fixed to prevent duping?
    EDIT 2: I feel like someone might be demoted.
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  17. i really love the double dirt placing sounds and the heavy breathing :p
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  18. chickeneer's gonna get in trouble, chickeneer's gonna get in trouble, na-na-na-na-na
  19. Can we use this since a staff member did post this?