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  1. I have no idea what this means? :p
  2. It's comparable on price I sell my head at 100k :D
  3. you have over 3 mil of ore busters :eek: and how much is an ICC eggnog worth? (in rupees and in ore busters) :p
  4. But not quite a super rare item, sorry :p
    Indeed I do :D ICC Eggnog, I would personally value at about 150k, but I have seen them sell around 200k :)
  5. rarer then an ore buster :p and very special :D
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  6. A dirt renamed FDNY21 orebuster :D
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  7. Ahh I see :p
  8. Come get yourself some jolly old spiffing Ore Busters today *sips tea* :D
  9. I will give you an ore buster for 2 gold vouchers :)
  10. Was that assigned to me, or to 4d_m1n?
  11. Sorry, wasn't clear on that one, it was aimed at 4d_m1n
  12. Please PM him instead of using my thread, thanks.
  13. Okay sorry about that, but I've got a turkey slicer, Flaming Mob Launcher, 2x 2013 Empire Fireworks, would that be enough for an oresbuster?
  14. Not quite, sorry, but mainly looking for much rarer items than promos to put into my museum. (Already have all the promos I need :p)
  15. Hmm, How many orebusters would a ICC Promo voucher get me?
  16. You mean the ICC Eggnog? One Buster and some rupees on top probably, but I already have 3 so that would be a little under value. ;)
  17. Still trading Ore Busters for super rare items! The museum is done, just looking for some ultra rare stuff now! :D