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  1. Hmm, I still have my Krysyyjane9191's dissection knife* ... :rolleyes: but I'll have to think about it lol

    there is only one out there ;]
    *plus the book that came with it
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  2. Well, one does not define themselves as such a word :p

    I remember seeing that... any chance I can see it again? :)
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  3. Of soon to be enchanter when he gets a ton of lapis? Yea
  4. I once traded a dragon poop for an ore buster. May it happen again? :D
    This was when they were worth about 25k. :p
  5. Could you post a screenshot of that?
  6. i haz lucky bow iz that rare enuf 4 ore bustur?
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  7. Fedney, ignore teh sammy, I'mma give you too lucky bows for an orebooster.
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  8. Lucky bows I'd guess are way too common atm... I have 4... not rate at all :p (yet)
  9. 2 Unused Valens and 2 Independence day fireworks for OreBuster? Oh, and where's your museum? :D
  10. Do you concider a dragon stone rare enought for a ore buster?
  11. Sure! Gimmi a few hours to get home lol
  12. Mkay, meby once more xD

    2014-03-25_16.27.36.png eM6BCXK.png 6rkwKtp.png The other 2 prizes where 2 of her alts heads btw
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  13. ...:p
    I have enough Lucky Bows, about 21 of them? :p
    Looking for rarer items than these, as I already have them, sorry :(
    Looks good, but it is not specially named or lored, so I'm not sure it is worth as much as an Ore Buster :S
  14. I will trade you my head
  15. How'z about a diamond supporter voucher? Or 2 gold if you prefer that?
  16. Yeah :( I really want to see if somehow I can get the writing in colour now that shes senior mod, but idk if she can do that :I
  17. Only admins :p
    No thanks ;)
    I will hold onto that thought if I need a supporter voucher :)
  18. oops i forgot to say playtehminecraft :p
  19. I do have : 1 FDNY21's orebuster (a dirt) jelle68's head dragon stone little unicorn (an enchanted sword) a maxarian head "shini flech ent erro"(bothy 10) and starter sword,pick