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  1. Alrighty :D Fendy has made himself a fine collection of Ore Busters, but now it is time to share some of the fun.

    Rather than selling these off for ridiculous amounts of money, I decided it would be a great idea to get some really special items for my museum... that is where you guys come in! :)

    I am now trading Ore Busters for super rare items, this could be something like the Arena Blade or a Dragon Egg, to something a lot rarer, such as a pair of Maxarian Shoes, or tipping the end of the scale, something like the Sword Of UDDER Justice!

    Feel free to PM me if you are willing to trade, or sell your super rare items, and I will see what I can do! You may also find me in game. :)
  2. I'll trade you an Ore Buster for your Ore Buster
  3. Deal of the century right here :)
  4. An ICC skin? I just sold 3 of the 5 I got from a leftover winners chest of mob arena, and gave the 1 to a new player. So I have 1 up for trade, I hope that you will accept this :)
  5. Not super rare XD
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  6. I believe Ore Busters are worth a ton more than ICC skin, ICC skin is about 1k each, and, well, Ore Busters are going at 100-110k now :p
    Also, this, ICC skin is not super rare like the items mentioned in the OP. Thanks ruari. :p
  7. I'm a generous man
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  8. I will trade you 1 piece of dirt for an ore buster XD
  9. Not special dirt? :D
    But seriously. How rare would you consider an ICC Valentines Day head?
  10. I bought the ICC V-Day Head for 50k, so not quite rare enough for the Ore Buster, sorry! ;)
  11. I know, I was thinking maybe that combined with other things :p
  12. So you are not open to trading like a multiple amount of regular promos for 1 orebuster?
  13. Well, I am trying to get super rare items for my museum, as I already have all the promos and more for it :)
  14. I'll make you a custom map for an orebuster. We can work out the details if you're interested :)
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  15. I'm kinda curious, exactly how many Ore Busters do you have?
  16. Interesting, very interesting.. I shall have to pass for now, but that is quite a different response, and intreguing, to what I first expected :D
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  17. Enough, as one would put it:

  18. Are you a god?