Torian42 - The Reintroduction

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  1. *pulls up a chair with a loud, nails on chalkboard screech*

    Hello everyone, Torian here. I’m back! :D

    This is still me:

    I haven’t changed my name or skin since I started playing Minecraft. That was back around 1.3 Beta!

    I’ve been on EMC for over 10 years now. I still live on SMP 5, which was the highest numbered server when I joined. I served as a mod for a few years & still have a huge amount of respect for the staff. There’s a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes, which is greatly appreciated.

    I’m a bit of a writer and plan to write some more stories on EMC. More on that later. Right now, I’m trying to get reorganized and completely redoing my home.

    I joke around a lot and see sarcasm as a fine art. I believe in random acts of kindness and help others when I can.

    Well, that's about it. Any other questions, I'll be happy to answer in the replies.

    - Torian

    *awkward silence - wanders off, looking around the room*
  2. Hi Torian, great to see you back :)
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  3. Heya Torian! I've enjoyed seeing you around again lately. Welcome back! :)
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  4. Welcome back Torian!
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  5. Welcome back! *suffers from chalk sounds*
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  6. Welcome back!
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  7. I noticed you were posting more again. I've been enjoying your renewed presence. :D
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  8. Welcome back, it is always great to see returning players. In this particular case I am truly looking forward to seeing some new books published as well... :)
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  9. welcome back to emc!
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