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  1. Anyone have any ideas for the background on the top of the site (the one that is currently MC snow)?
  2. We should have some sort of celebration picture oF loads of people at the smp1 spawn of something like that

    Well something like that or have all the admins and mods in a group but then you wont be able to get them on all at once :/
  3. What are the dimensions of the banner? Maybe someone could knock something together for us?
  4. The dimensions for the header_back image are 1315 by 115.

    A sort of collage of some of the buildings in the Empire might be cool if it was artfully done.
  5. I like that idea
  6. It should be a picture of a selected build, changed once per month

    ( /res like anyone? )
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  7. I think we should give a picture of the "multiverse" the Empire gives to the players.

    -Some houses (or a few pics of single houses, maybe a shop filled with players looking around and shopping)
    -The wildernes with 2-3 biomes in it (maybe 2-3 players fighting monsters, digging, mining or building something together)
    -The nether
    -A picture of the livemap

    All of these should be included in my opinion. Not just one pic after another, but like a collage as Liz mentioned!
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  8. thats a hell of a lot of pictures to fit in...
  9. Yeah I guess it is^^ But as the banner is only 115 pixels high and more than 10 times broader than high I'd say it fits. Maybe we should compromise it a bit :> I think the livemap isnt necessary so we could make it 4 pics (each about 131x115 pixels). 1 for some houses or a single reeeeeaaaally awesome build. 1 with a shop with some players browsing. 1 of the Wilderness with a few players gathering ressources and 1 of the nether with some players beating pigmen.

    I don't know. I got this idea and somehow I'm really attached to it now Oo If I could I would make it myself and post it. But im no good with art in general^^ Nice looking minecraft buildings are my limit :p

    HEEEEY new idea :eek: make a contest in the community. I bet there are more than just a few people on EMC who are quite good at this. Winner gets... whatever the admins and mods agree with.

    Edit says I'm probably using to much smileys...
  10. I think we should hold a monthly screen shot contest. Winner gets made into the top banner and it changes every month.

    Screens could be of anything. Builds, mobs, ppl, scenery, etc.
  11. As long as we get rid of the old one, I agree with the new one. The old one is should I put this.......boring.
  12. Since we have under 1000 people (I think) I say you guys get all of our faces at the time you take the pics, and make them smaller, and make the banner of all of our faces.
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  13. I like this idea, a competition and the winner gets their banner displayed and a little bonus prize. :)
  14. I believe we passed 5000 members a couple of weeks ago. :)
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  15. In that case, NVM.
  16. Not that we couldn't have another contest for this, but there was just a contest... the buildings that won that contest might make good candidates for being included in a collage-type image... as might the other buildings that were submitted.




    I couldn't find a thread for smp4 (was there one?).
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  17. There was not, smp4 came online in the middle of the contest. But i was thinking about hosting a contest seperate for smp4, i was just giving them time to settle down first.
  18. I don't believe there was a smp4, I think it was too soon after server opening.
    A collage of the three winning lots would be awesome, with maybe a nice gradual transition between the pics.
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  19. Snow Golem Family(Similar To Creeper Family) In The Snow
  20. i feel like a broken record (maybe its disk 11?), but i didnt read too many of the comments up top, so if i repeat, sorry. but i think that you should take a picture with all of the admins, mods, and such on teh banner. then add the most active players and the original players. then make it look like it goes on for infinity. then add easter eggs. like a burrito. im hungry right now, so a burrito easter eggs sounds very good.