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  1. the only problem with that, most of the mods reside in different time zones, drastically different. and it makes it hard for group photo.
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  2. I am starting to think a community photo would be awesome, we could see how many people we could get into one area. If we scheduled it we could do it on one server and I could bump the max connections to like 100-150. It would lag like hell but would be fine for a photo :)
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  3. sounds like awesome fun
  4. So kind of like my idea!
  5. What locations you considering? Pool/Graveyard/park/Store/Nether/Utopia
  6. I don't know, I am thinking maybe a large wool lot where we can take a photo from above at an angle.
  7. Im with Bobert and Squizzel on this..

    You know how you have a Count Down to when the next server will be launched?
    Maybe have a set date and time for a Group screenshot? You could setup a Temp Server with maybe 100 slots? And we arrange a date and time to meet on there, at town spawn and take a group photo :) ..

    Well 3 photos, What do u call that, Panaramic? shot? The one where u take photos side by side. So it fits nicely as a header =]

    Edit: Oh Fail, i didnt see there was a Page 2 :p

    Okay After reading page two... Justin already suggsted this :p.
    How about you setup a temp server with no build rights ect so there will be minimum lag, and u also design a cool artifact to for us all to stand infront of. Make the Empire Minecraft Logo out of wool or something. :)

    Edit: Ah it's late.. Im tired.. You suggested that too.. Its almost like Justin is my twin.

    Im going to bed ¬.¬
  8. Solid black looks nice (as it is at the moment). :)

    ...not to say a cool collage or group photo wouldn't also look nice.
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  9. Justin has a way of logging in to our brains and stealing ideas, didnt you read this in the empire guide small print? :p
    Im a fan of both the stark black background and collage of players, cant we have both?
  10. Stark black backround= no no bad Picture of a bunch of players= yes yes good
  11. Sounds like an awesome idea! This would show the new players how big the community is! I am up for imBobertRobert's idea! Like his comment if you think his idea is good!
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  12. well not trying to be a douche but.... id vote for your comment and my comment if i could :D
  13. i wil do ones myself, untill tomorrow ill come up with 2/3 to show to u guys :)
  14. If every1 sends me a pic of himself or his skin, i could do a photoshop about it :D
  15. You'd have to give rights to the people who gave the idea and who made the picture editing and stuff. This way nobody thinks of it as "stealing" their idea so you get the win and they don't. :D
  16. I'm just trying to help, not to steal harvard ideas, for gosh sake!

    EDIT: what i meaned is that is more than obvious that pplz name will be there, that's why im asking for THEIR skin, if no i could simply download at planetminecraft or something...
  17. I know I wasn't accusing you of anything. I was just saying to prevent possible issues in the future. :)