SMP1 Lot House Contest Voting!

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by iSmooch, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Voting Has been closed. Your Winners are:

    1st Place:
    Eclipsys - 841 (complete)
    your sig banner:
    2nd Place:
    iamfuturetrunks - 1215 (complete)
    your sig banner:
    Due to last minute donation your prize has gone up also:

    1st Place 6000r
    2nd place 3000r

    just so you guys know.

    You will be paid as soon as I get on. Thanks Everyone For participating. You guys might want to get prepared for the next one. =)

    Other Entries:

    MaxGoesOnline - 2318 (complete)
    Fynriel - 809 (complete)
    Liasen - 1039 (complete)
    Kyllingman3 - 1931 (complete)
    IPwnCreeps - 829 (complete)
    bredos107 - 909 (complete)
    S_R_L_B - 1178 (complete)
    Newo88 - 2201 (complete)
    18334 - 1507 (complete)
    gaddis - 2114 (complete)
    jthom22 - 2181 (complete)
    KiashiSama - 2386 (complete)
    beasts - 1783 (complete)
    will_iamd - 1968 (complete)
    Mrsmiley99 - 1389 (complete)
    Vetleab - 1107 (complete)
    jakesds - 1790 (complete)
    Bill_The_Lizard - 2508 (complete)
    drummerman120 - 1021 (complete)
  2. i vote for iamfuturetrunks

    nice work people
  3. I vote for......
    May the best lot house win:)
  4. I vote for Eclipsys
  5. I vote for mine. :p I made it and I like the look of it :D otherwise I wouldn't have built it. :p Btw you didn't get some good pics of the hands. :p You should have taken a pick from atop the mini sun. Also you had a texture pack on. Which I don't have. :p
  6. I vote for iamfuturetrunks
  7. ismooch cool_man_rex is completed his where is he in the voting area can you add him plez we both put it toghther
    i vote for cool_man_rez when he is added
  8. Mines not on the list but I vote for GameKribDuck
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  9. Eclipsys has my vote :)
  10. eclipsys has my vote too. his res rocks
  11. MrSmiley99 has my vote, i think his has a flare to it!
  12. Wow, have to admit Eclipsys' place is amazing!

    It's unique, colorful, and the patterns with checker and the use of water....HE HAS MY VOTE!
  13. i vote for Milehi
  14. Thanks for voting Everyone! The voting is closed and the winners are posted at the top of the thread.
  15. awww only so few people voted :(
  16. Yeah i wish more had voted, i will work on a way to attract the attention of more people to vote for the next one.
  17. hmm maybe make an announcement on home page
  18. No one voted for me:(
    I thought i had a chanse:(
  19. Well I see 2 people who didn't vote for me who said they would :p Oidking said he was going to and someone else.. I forget who. I think you didn't have the voting up long enough. Or it was hard to find.