SMP 2 Lot House Contest Voting!

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  1. Voting Has been closed. Your Winners are:

    1st Place:
    roja22 - 3526 (complete)
    your sig banner:
    2nd Place:
    Jennypoo10 - 3959 (complete)
    your sig banner:
    Due to last minute donation your prize has gone up also:

    1st Place 6000r
    2nd place 3000r

    just so you guys know.

    You will be paid as soon as I get on. Thanks Everyone For participating. You guys might want to get prepared for the next one. =)

    Other Entries:

    VinXians-4048 (complete)
    thetrufflehunter - 4271 (complete)
    nanabob - 3666 (complete)
    GRANTSWINM4 - 4246 (complete)
    Squizzel_Boy - 4373 (complete)
    sovietsoldeirw1l - 4372 (complete)
    xzpoler - 3913 (complete)
    AlexChance - 3406 (complete)
    Andkonman - 3792 (complete)
    NurglesRott - 3779 (complete)
    Uber_Corq - 4487 (complete)
    Ozuar - 4054 [supermasters110's lot] (complete)
    coleballer - 3740 (complete)
    showoff212 - 3235 (complete)
    Gabrielrocks69 - 3127 (complete)
  2. i vote for roja22

    good work people!
  3. I'm with d1223m of this one. Roja22 has obviously put some work into his building. The materials were well chosen. But what really bought my ote was the maze.
  4. I vote for roja22 as well :)

    Good luck all!
  5. I vote for jennypoo10
    Nice nyan cat! lol
  6. I vote for Jennypoo10. The variety of colours are really nice, and there are just so many things in the house; she's got just about every possible household appliance you can think of and more! The store is also really cool, with the sort of off-set levels. :) The buildings could use roofs, though... :p I probably would've voted for Jennypoo10 even before she added the amazing floating islands. :D Good job!
  7. It's so hard, they're all so good! hmmm. I'm going to vote for jennypoo10, it looks great!
  8. I vote roja22. My go-to shop for anything!
  9. Hmm, I'm going to vote for roja22, his store is just to die for <3 Btw Roja, I finished ;)
  10. I am sad that I didn't finish my house. I shall now vote for... (*dramatic noise*)

  11. I Wish I Could Make Houses Like Those
    My Vote Goes to Jennypoo10
    Every one did a good job i really liked showoff's and roja's too
  12. All these houses are awesome!
    I vote for showoff212
  14. Does It Even Count?
  15. Yes, voting for yourself, however selfless it may seem. counts.
  16. LOL I love Roja's shop - I use it almost daily, but Jennypoo has the nicest house on the server, hands down! My vote is for Jennypoo10. :D
  17. I'm sure if TheTruffleHunter wins he'll be very proud. :/ Damn no votes :/
  18. I vote AlexChance Great house What texture pack is that???
  19. Thanks for voting Everyone! The voting is closed and the winners are posted at the top of the thread.
  20. It's a bummer my towers never got pictured. I'm thinking about starting a hotel. 1000000000000000000000000R a night.