SMP3 Lot House Contest Voting!!

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  1. Voting Has been closed. Your Winners are:

    1st Place:
    Amadai - 7471 (complete)
    your sig banner:
    2nd Place:(tie)
    d1223m - 6033 (complete)
    mrfistersr - 6292 (complete) - mickwhiskey - 6366 (complete)
    your sig banner:
    Due to last minute donation your prize has gone up also:

    1st Place 6000r
    2nd place 3000r (both 2nd Place entries will receive this prize)

    just so you guys know.

    You will be paid as soon as I get on. Thanks Everyone For participating. You guys might want to get prepared for the next one. =)

    Other Entries:

    nikko225 - 7362 (complete)
    d1223m - 6033 (complete)
    OwNsUrDoG - 6401 (complete)
    JabrZero - 6180 (complete)
    Amadai - 7471 (complete)
    ChocoboXV - 6076 (complete)
    Barks87 - 6406 (complete)
    Xalim298 - 6576 (complete)
    jazza142 - 6483 (complete)
    Bigfatmamallama - 7245 (complete)
    pujan909 - 6227 (complete)
    tjboy11 - 6131 (compelete)
    volker7 - 6003 (complete)
    mrfistersr - 6292 (complete) - mickwhiskey - 6366 (complete)
    Eotheod - 6182 (complete)
  2. Man, mines looks sucky on here. Ah well!

    d1223m gets my vote!
  3. I vote for me.. lol sorry. Seems rude.
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  4. The more I sit here the more I cant do it. I change my vote to amadai!
  5. Mine was definitely NOT finished... should've just let it go and not entered this part of the contest.

    Oh well.

    My vote is all for mrfirster/mickwhiskey! They are a duo, right? If they're supposed to be separate, then I vote for mrfirster.

    Great job guys! These are incredible!
  6. they are together, i had them written down as seperate, but lost track of who was who and where i was on what picture because they did such a great job seaming them together.
  7. Barks For 3rd place and honorable mention ;D

    and omg d1223m amazing castle and basement just awesome
    and the wool art and roof style on amadai's lot spectactular

    it was a hard choice for me but im for Amadai 1st d1223m 2nd

    good job everyone :D
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  8. I vote for d1223m, it's amazing!
  9. And this is why they deserve first, in my mind. Epic work!

    I think 2nd's a toss-up between volker7 and Amadai. I know d1223m's was pretty incredible, but so were (almost) all of them! I just found these two to be a little more original (though certainly not more detailed!) in their creations.

    Barks87 was close for third, but the building was a little too generic and just didn't have enough inside to beat volker7 or Amadai's incredible outside architecture.

    And mine? Well, mine shouldn't have even made it this far. Shame on me for putting it forth as complete!

    Well done, everyone!
  10. i vote for me :)
    And my Treefort
  11. I vote for Amadai :) (if I am allowed to vote...)
  12. Thanks!!! Yeah, it's a team effort. I think that texture pack is awesome! What is it?
    I vote team Fistmick! That tree makes everything so dark, I had to get a bunch of glowstone to make it normal again.
  13. I dont understand liking that texture pack! Personlly I think its horrible. But I am a purist...
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  14. Voting time! Here we go.
    Since I can only cast one vote, I'l go for d1223m's castle at 6033, gah it's too good.
    Although I wish we had more than one vote.... Bark's castle is also amazing.
  15. Amadai wins in my book
  16. I vote for Amadai, but d1223m is a very close second. I think that Amadai has a little more originality though, and I'm not a fan of castles.
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  17. I vote for amadai.
  18. Amadai! Dat stylistic decision-making too good.
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  19. mines more usefull! lol, clutching at straws ;D
    nah amadai's is excellent, i was so hoping to win until she came up with those windows....
    oh well next time :D
  20. its not over yet d1223m