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  1. Me and samsimx wanted to blow up the nether, we figure instead of one tnt at a time... we just blow the whole nether.

    We place down tnt and light it up.....

    Only one tnt blows. Immediately sam mentions that Aikar made a fix to prevent griefing. I was enraged....

    Anyone know an wasy way to blow up the whole nether that isnt gonna take hours?... xD
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  2. redstone all of htem at once, or just go to top bedrock and place a lever, and place the tnt off the side of the lever
  3. that is what we did, aikar made it so we cant apparently
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  4. Maybe you could try stacking a lot of TNT minecarts and blowing it up from a distance. They explode on impact.
  5. Expensive way to do it Mayoman. I'll second the wither idea, though anyone running into it unsuspectedly will have both your heads on a platter if they're killed by it.
  6. The wither idea was shut down by sam :p he said its a bad idea.
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  7. I have lost faith in EMC.
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  8. I know.
  9. If any of you blow up quartz, I'll DEFINITELY have your heads. That stuff is better than gold!
  10. Beds. Use beds.
  11. That's been "fixed" too... plus they don't stack.
  12. We have 4DC of TNT, we need to use TNT....
  13. Well, someone has to sleep in them...
  14. Just make alts instead with their skins, then put the alts in head farms:)
    A much less bloody way of getting heads!

    Whoever does that I will pity.
  15. Bow with Flame enchant. Fire, ignite TNT, wait for boom, rinse & repeat.

    This is exactly why I'm glad Aikar made such a change...
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  16. Talked with my mc alter ego just now. He'd love to jump on in a few hours and help out if you're interested. He's tied up atm though.
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  17. I had the same problem. I've turned to just slabbing.... :(
  18. I know he made it harder for griefers to grief, but he made it much harder to use 4DC of tnt....
  19. Secret project, thanks for offer though.
    I do not mind slabbing, tnt is easier and more fun... well it is unless this is the issue.