Title Bout: BurgerKnight vs. Luckygreenbird

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Who were you betting on?

BurgerKnight 5 vote(s) 27.8%
Luckygreenbird 13 vote(s) 72.2%
  1. Chat asked for this:

  2. I have been defeated :(
  3. BurgerKnight is our Little Mac at an intimidating 5'5".
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  4. This is real art.
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  5. what did i just watch :confused:
  6. Did chat ask for it or did BurgerKnight ask for it?
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  7. I have no thoughts now my brain can't think..
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  8. We have such mature adult staff members. :)
  9. The fight is real with this one :p

    11/10 best skit I'd watch again

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  10. So when is the movie adaptation coming out? Love it.
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  11. This is UFC Material, Sign these guys up for the UFC
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  12. Oh. Is this a movie trailer because I'd definitely watch this in theaters ;)
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  13. Start at 23 seconds, this clip has no subtitles :/
    Anyone else see the simillarities? xD
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  14. Yes.
  15. omg I'm taller than BurgerKnight
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  16. How do I vote for neither?
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  17. This is so much more elaborate than I was expecting! :D
    Very well done. :)
  18. This left me so confused.
    But I enjoyed it alot. Great job lads hahaha!
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  19. I'm starting to think you guys need to get out more. Might be a bit of pent up aggression. ;)