This thread IS going to be controversial.

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  1. Well, i'm player on EMC since long ago, and i love it.
    I don't like going hard against any other servers/communities/players but i've got something that disapointed me around, is that our website got attacked by other server and other community.

    I'm just going to drop a couple of stuff i recently found out checking other servers...

    This is how other servers treat other servers

    This is how staff members of other servers treat other players on other servers

    I am going keep this updated as i see some other bad examples of communities around MC.
    I hope we never become like this communities and that Jeremy and Justin keep EMC as a great place to stay and not as the examples provided above.

    So, what you think of the examples provided?
    have you seen any examples of bad attitudes, wrong words or such in EMC?
    Do you believe any of those servers attacked EMC?
    Do you believe this thread will be closed and deleted by someone inside staff? :p

    Anyways, i belive it's time to concern more about EMC, our community and how everything works fine with a 30k member community, and i believe we should use those examples as great and important reasons to support EMC to keep it alive.

    *please consider:
    -I'm not diamond supporter because i actually supported EMC, i have no actual way to do this because of the payment methods, but be shure that if i could, i would.
    -I'm not attempting to promote those servers here, i'm shure everyone knows about them
    -I'm shure this will be controversial, but i will not say any word against any post made here
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  2. I am sick of the lack of mods lately no offense. I can't stand the 12 hour players spamming "DONATE DONATE DONATE and HOW DO I DO XY AND Z." Really I think there needs to be an system where if a message has too many caps Kick.
  3. LegendaryCraft's owner does so many illegal things..... I can't believe he hasn't been arrested. He has done things like Ddos attacks to previous servers I played on.
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  4. umm is it me or did I notice NoobOfEpicness in the first video?
  5. Wait so how did you get Diamond suppoter than?
  6. Those 2 servers I logged on to them before... 20mins later I leave and never go back I just delete them and keep EMC for ever <3
    EMC won my heart cause it is to good for those other servers..
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  7. he paid for it but he was saying he would donate without getting perks if he could.
  8. So true. I tried both of those, I practically freaked out with all the spamming, banning, swearing, banning, manipulating, and banning!

  9. Recently I have seen some bad attitudes. Within the past 2 weeks I have twice been blasted on chat for being "greedy" and for being a supporter. In one instance a guy asked why my name was blue. I told him I was a diamond supporter. Two guys started going on about good for me, and how I should just leave. It went on & on with them repeatedly running down supporters. I didn't do anything besides answer a question. I didn't deserve what they were saying.

    Just the other day a newer member had asked numerous times in chat for something. I happened to have what he needed and I told him to come to my lot. Then someone jumps into he & I talking and says "diamond supporters are greedy". Um...I gave the item away. I typically take nothing in return for things. How does that make me greedy? I give a ton of stuff away, asking nothing in return. Maybe that makes me dumb for not earning rupees but that certainly doesn't make me greedy.

    In the final instance, there was a knucklehead using caps, and language in chat. I asked him to stop and he told me that my supporter status didn't mean anything and I wasn't a mod. Well, no I'm not a mod, but everyone in chat polices one another. Even if I wasn't a supporter and saw him doing that, I would still report him.

    I don't understand the hatred of supporters. I don't view myself as 'better" than anyone. I became a supporter because I love EMC. I wanted extra houses to try and be different and creative on each lot and frankly, sometimes I get the urge to blow stuff up :D

    I'm not rude, I don't flaunt my supporter status and I try to be a good neighbor and player. I don't like the attitude I get but that isn't going to change anything. I'm going to keep giving stuff away, keep supporting and keep playing as much as I can.
  10. Yeah, I don't think of me being better than others, and I sometimes do see some language or stuff, but I just report it and tell/ask them to stop along with everyone else
  11. I hate the "What are you a Wanna-be-mod". There are only so many mods and without contributing players this server would be rampant with Liars, Cheaters, Griefers and Pains in the Chat.
  12. true
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  13. Ive been on servers where the MODS cuss people out and talk trash, the server start is sucky, lack of "Economy, tutorial, or anything. Some are disorganized and stupid. I think we have the best server, and I am not just saying that. If anyone has an example of a nice server with good tutorial and innovative plugins and economy, I will pay them a million dollars.
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  14. EMC... you owe me a Million Dollars and I will hold you to your word.
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  15. Guess You owe Justin 1mil :D

    P.S. should i start color text when I type? Or is orange too "Crazy1080"? How about this?
  16. I just don't understand why people hate on supporters without them there emc would be nothing like it is, its sad that people hate on people who support that server.
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  17. Yeah :/
  18. Blue is too hard to read.
    And your orange is probably not my orange. Unless you used my orange on purpose...
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  19. I like this color, pretty original and really easy to read.
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  20. Then this color IS MIIIINEEE