This is how I "minecraft"

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  1. This is how I "minecraft" I use uhm 4 tabs for 4 accounts pretty simple..Do any of you do this?

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  2. xD Huge selfie with daveiscool321's and his alts and me and my alts with our special guest DJ
  3. Twin monitors one for my alts one for my main...
  4. well atleast i dont have to look at 2 screens :v
  5. Same
  6. Bigger is better with two monitors I think. I have a 27" and a 32" monitor Can see much better :p
  7. I don't have an alt. :)
    But sometimes I do side-by-side windows with Minecraft on the right side and something on the Internet (like the forums, Pandora, or a Wikipedia article) on the left.

    But four tabs, that's hardcore. :D
  8. Lol, I didn't pay you back yet. :p Doing that now. :)
  9. ik its hard core.. because i go hardcore or i go home and sit on the couch
  10. Well, this is how I "Minecraft":
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  11. I have a few alt's my super secret one is krysyyjane9191 but don't tell anyone ok remember its secret :D
  12. I do this! It is amazing :p
  13. Sometimes I'll have a TV show playing in one corner, my main to the right of that, and once and while I'll put one (both, on special occasions) of my alts below.
  14. Sep, stop copying me..
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  15. Kids and their alts today ;)

    nah, guess I'm very old fashioned; not using any alts and also not using multiple MC versions. Just one (boring?) version which I use to log onto one not so boring server :)
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  16. First, you don't have 2 screens - second, I was the first one to change my theme, so YOUR copying me...

    Oh, and you got like 6-7 alts... so you can't say none
  17. I would get soooo confused! :p
  18. I started the EMC theme thingy tho :p
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  19. A friend of mine has 2 monitors and runs 8 accounts at the same time
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  20. My laptop can barely play one Minecraft. I can't even load up the internet while playing because Minecraft just eats all of my laptop's resources.
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