Things that i think can go wrong in 1.4.2

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  1. This is just a list of things that I thought of that 1.4 could mess up for EMC:

    1) Enchanted items- renaming them. How will this work?

    2) Wither can be used to grief- I am sure Aikar and Justin are working on that
    - Maybe they will not be able to be spawned naturally, and they will only spawn in the ender dragon tombs?
    I'll have to think of more soon.
    Please discuss this.

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  2. Hmm, the economy was being ripped apart when 1.3 came out, it will suffer more as 1.4 is released to EMC.
    We have to get through this difficult time.

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  3. I'm still worried they'll forget to disable the Wither in town...

    Aikar, can you please write notes reminding yourself to do so, all over Max in permanent marker? Only then will I be completely sure that mistake won't be made...
  4. Maybe to solve the wither issue they can fiddle with the wither code to make it so his explosions don't do damage!
  5. I would hate that. Maybe withers only on dystopia?
  6. I wish I had another account simply so I could like that post again.
  7. With the renaming items thing it's just so people can personalize items, and a lot of the updates involve stuff for adventure maps :)
  8. I'll make sure he does . . .

    But, The Guy needs to write all over his Pet Cow to remind Eyecar to write all over Max in permanent marker.
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  9. Wither wouldn't be able to damage town unless you have tnt flag set (so only diamond members), and by default should not be spawnable since monsters flag is off by default in town...

    so in theory we shouldn't have to do anything in town, but we will double check...
  10. What about potential wilderness grief? If someone were to create a Wither in LLO, how could that be preventable?
  11. wither arenas?
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  12. Well with the update people are able to spawn them, so if they wanted to collect all the stuff to do so, they could use it as grief. I believe EMC intends to allow Withers, but I'm nervous about it's power.
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  13. The things that 'I' think will go wrong ... firstly, the beacons ... we were expecting community perks with the dragon egg update - so getting perks from the beacons will contrast - plus the fact that if you see beacons shooting through the sky everwhere on peoples plots will look a bit overboard ... secondly, the anvil - it has its good and bad perks too like, we already have villager trading for enchantments, but now if you can upgrade enchantments it will make the rare ones not as rare anymore ... but on contrast, what if you accidentally use a new pick when you were wanting to sell it? And the last one is the invisible potion - it's good for against mob situations, but it might also induce griefing. These are my comments on the bad situations - but hey, better me voice my opinion then not :p
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  14. You guys seem to think making a wither will be easy. When its been shown time and time again in videos it takes a long time just to get the skulls to make the wither. As well as the fact that they drop an important item that most people will want.

    If they start nurfing the wither on EMC then they will be becoming less vanilla which they already have been doing lately.

    However, I already know that some players will go out and spend all their time just trying to get the stuff to make a wither then rush to go make one so they can try and defeat it and try and get the item it drops. They will go without being well equipped and end up getting themselves killed over and over again losing their stuff and then complaining/whining about it on the forums or possibly bugging a mod or two to help them kill it.

    Which to me seems like if a mod is ever asked to help go kill a wither cause the player was to stupid to go into battle with hardly any/no good armor on or any good weapons and such then its their own fault and I would say the mod should be allowed to keep/destroy the drop they get form the wither. Cause iv already seen some good minecraft players take on a wither sometimes by themselves or even in a group and have all gotten killed and lost their items.

    So im already expecting lots of players who go in trying to fight it will end up dieing a lot a few weeks after 1.4.2 comes out.

    As for griefing if someone really is such an idiot/loser to spend a few weeks trying to get some wither skulls and make a wither at a base to grief it then anyone who goes to the base and finds a wither there (which you can spot when you start to enter the chunk the wither is in you will see a life bar above your screen when you face where it is) then all you would have to do is either leave the chunk or disconnect and then PM a mod and im pretty sure one could come out in creative mode and kill it so it would cause the least amount of damage.

    With the dragon update as well im quite sure if you have a base out in wild protected by a dragon egg that only the players you have /build rights to the area could make the wither and so then it would be much easier to find who it is to blame for building a wither inside a base if Aikra makes that possible to build a wither within a dragon egg protected base or not.
  15. Look on the bright side, Night vision + Invisibility potion = Maximum troll
  16. You can turn off the beam of light by using other blocks other then glass to put over the top of it and it will turn off the beam. Only blocks I have seen that it passes through without turning off the light beam is glass.

    About the anvil thing: So? When enchanting at level 30 came out people kinda complained about that. But well its the simple fact: get used to it. Yeah rare enchants are easier to get then they used to but well that just means players who had grinders don't have a monopoly on it. Its just like when you could get wool off of sheep back in 1.2.5 (I think) where you had to kill the sheep after you sheered them. Only a few shops (like mine was one of the first) that offered every color of wool. But I had to have all these ugly pens on my res and constantly breeding and killing sheep just to get more wool. Once they regrew their wool I no longer had a monopoly on wool. Which I was okay with cause well having to spend all my time sheering/killing/breeding sheep all the time was boring.

    It became nicer cause I could do other stuff I wanted to do then constantly spend time doing that it also allowed me to set up a shop to buy wool from people who had their own sheep farms.

    With the invisibility potion, unless the player isn't wearing armor or have any tools/blocks on hand you can't see them except for some small swirls that go around their body.

    Also im quite sure the /ch who will show you what players are around you so they can't hide from that so you have proof right there you can take a screen shot of. There is also live map but if your a paid member you can hide from that, so that will only work sometimes. But if you start seeing blocks being destroyed or placed around you or something like that you can just do /ch who (while in local chat) and take a screenshot of that and boom there is some proof of who it could be. Not even diamond supporters can hide from that.


    Oh almost forgot to say that change is inevitable so get used to it even if you don't like it.
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  17. ive been playing 1.4.2 all day, its AWESOME!!!!!
  18. I dont really like the new benefits of 1.4. They kind of ruined Minecraft. Minecraft has too much magic, mythical creatures, bosses, cartoonish fratures, and the old storyline of the game was to build and dig.
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  19. Well you can always ignore the new stuff. Its not like the game forces you to make an enchanting table or go to the end or stuff like that. Just adds more to do.
  20. Dude - i respected what you said, but you don't have to diss me please ... and furthermore this is 'EMC' ... they can add and take away what ever updates they want to in the server files ...

    I was stating the negative aspects of everything to show what could go wrong - you made some valid points - but it would still be less hassle if you didn't have to type /chat who every few minutes from having to worry -

    and this had nothing to do with sheep ... some people take soo long killing mobs in the wild, then come back and enchant over and over and over to reach a certain enchant on a pick axe - which makes it more valuable price wise and more self pride too - but with the anvil both of those are shot down the drain ... yes some people including myself have huge grinders and can afford doublchests of xp potions as well to enchant, but for others, it might be way harder, and the anvil will make things even easier and less work which takes the whole, getting resources things (like with the 1.3 villager update) thing ... that made getting all these materials too easy ...

    To keep EMC on a basic level of updates - the animals and food are fine - but these other updates, are making me feel weary