Things I've Learned in Minecraft

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  1. Thought I'd create this thread just for fun. Anyone can post things they've learned, screenshots or just text. Just remember, no advertising other servers. I cut the chat out of both of mine:

    I'll start:
    I learned that "Safety" has a totallly different meaning to Sonicol1 >.>

    Also CrazyBro (Crazy1800) is great at obsidian gens in Skyblock:
  2. And he will never live this down.
  3. Do not report Justinguy
  4. Lol. We were trying to make a decent cobble gen. I Afk'd and came back to this.
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  5. Just right-click and it refills your bucket with lava. Yeah been there, yet nevermore.
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  6. I learned the hard way that there is also a never dig straight up rule..
  7. Always go back once you have collected the quartz you dropped when you died...
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  8. I have learned not to take my jokes too far,not to say i am going destroy others property, never try building with dirt, and what the word "alabacalisate" means.
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  9. Look before you leap (Into lava >.>)
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  10. That lava-baths are real.
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  11. Pandas eat ramen
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  12. I learned that lava walls can be abused.
  13. Obsidian in front of doors in your dirt house after you joined five minutes ago isn't a good idea >_<
  14. I've learned that AmusedStew lags my laptop. -_-
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  15. I have learned that maybe it isn't always a good idea to punch Pigmen........
    An image for you.....

    Why can't this be me......
  16. Zombie pigman are programmed to look out for each other. IT'S IN THEIR BLOOD.
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  17. *DNA strands and their brain.
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  18. IamSaj.
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  19. Equinoxes are boss.
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