They Have Arrived! New Staff-Feb 2016

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    Congrats to the newest players to be promoted (and re-promoted) to the Staff Team.
    We have no doubt they'll taste yummy perform wonderfully in their new roles.

    • Joined EMC: 3.5 years ago
    • Home server: smp8
    • A lover of shirts with no sleeves, except on his Minecraft avatar.
    • New staff member. This player has also agreed to join the Hamster madness with Stream Team. Jack has agreed to share ;) for training since technically I had his app first. Two invites in one day, mere minutes apart from each other. It's a wonder he didn't die of excitement and most certainly is a record of some sort. Someone call Guinness World Records!
    • Joined EMC: 4.1 years ago
    • Home server: smp1
    • Goes great with cookies. (get it? neither did I at first)
    • This player has been a staff member in the past and is rejoining the team now that he has more availability. He still gets a tad bit of retraining though to make sure he hasn't been brainwashed by evil :p
    tonia (amadai)
    • Joined EMC: 4.2 years ago
    • Home server: 1/utopia
    • Yet another dragon. Seems dragons are just great at being staff...
    • Has graciously agreed to (nah, she was already planning to) change her name back to amadai. Just so there isn't any confusion, I'm mentioning here :D Amadai used to be staff way back when and we are excited to welcome her back. She'll be receiving full re-training though so don't bombard her immediately. She'll catch on fast.
    Photo credit because I'm at work and not able to make fancy graphics:
  2. Dang, fancy introductions!
    Welcome, newly slimed staffies!
  3. Congrats lads!
  4. Congrats to the three of you ;)
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  5. I made top 5 comments i think and congrats to the puke green team :D
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  6. Welcome (and welcome back too) :)
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  7. Congrats on your promotions guys!

    So, uhm, does this mean we get to spam the /report feature again? :D Because if so then there's this annoying CEO alt who I was considering to report :p

    Anyway, more seriously, congrats again and also good luck to you all!
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  8. New staff? Dis gone be fun.

    Welcome aboard, my green fellows, we have much work to do, and little time in which to it.
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  9. I don't know how I'll cope. :) glad to be back lads
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  10. Congrats on yalls promotions! :D
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  11. I'll have to see what my Coloradan friend wants me to do for FNM.

    It should be fun :p
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  12. Congrats :p
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  13. This must be a great feeling :D Congratulations! So happy for you. I'm sure you'll do a great job!
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  14. Congrats!!!!

    EDIT: also congrats on 1500 days melk!
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  15. Congrats!!
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  16. Congrats and welcome to the world of the slimed players! :D
  17. Congrats all three of you ^_^
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  18. Congrats guys! I'd say Welcome back also, but since I'm still fairly new here, I'll say yay! glad to have ya'll as staff ^o^

    oh and fixed this for ya krysyy :p they're both native onsies after all; and you never know what the green one might be plotting lol
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  19. Congrats again to you three! Welcome, and welcome back to the green team!
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  20. That may be truer than you know.