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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you some great news! So, I'm really happy today! Wanna know why? Because, for one whole day, my library teacher (Mrs. Deben) decided to let us play Minecraft for 45 minutes while we are with her! She even said if we had our own account we can use it!

    Sadly, she doesn't want us doing Multiplayer :(. But at the end of the day, I'll stop by!

    How did this happen? Well, a lot of kinds love Minecraft! So, we all asked and she said yes! Isn't that kind? Well, I'm soooo happy about it! I get to play Minecraft with my friends who normally can't play or don't have an account!

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  2. Thats awesome wish they had minecraft when i was going to school.
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  3. you wish :p
  4. Odd that you can connect to mc servers... At my school they block connecting to servers with basically all games. :cool:
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  5. You know what it's time for...

  6. That's awesome! When I had time in the library at school you generally had silent reading! :p
  7. That's awesome! My school read a magazine about teachers using Minecraft to help with learning....and sometimes they let us play :p (once in a blue moon though). You're very lucky! :)
  8. No Minecraft at my old secondary school, you weren't allowed to install anything, I never tried playing it in-browser though :p My college is the same - not allowed to install any games or anything, but I've got plenty of time to play MC when I'm at home. After all, I'm meant to be learning about motosport at college, not MC >_>
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  9. Wow you are so lucky! My school literally blocks EVERYTHING, can I start going to your school? lol
  10. I'm not surprised. Minecraft helps develop problem solving and 3D thinking skills that are vital later in life. It really is a handy teaching tool.
  11. this gets better every time
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  12. I don't really like the fact they allow minecraft at some schools. (This is just me probably but I do like minecraft)

    At my school, minecraft is accessible through the library computers, and my school even uses minecraft in science, anyway my point is, during lunch breaks, all the year 7s would go and play and yell at each other and start arguments over diamonds or blocks, and also because there were limited computers and 200 of them wanted to play. I used to like studying in the library with friends where it was quiet lol but now its just full of year 7s yelling at each other and taking up all the computers. My school even made it a rule that if you wanted to study, you can get access to a classroom by a teacher, but its no library substitute.

    Yeah I get that it's nice to play minecraft with friends who don't regurely play minecraft, but you could just invite them over after school and play. And if they're broke, then lol sorry

    I wouldn't mind if they use minecraft in classes for educational purposes, but it's really annoying when you're about to do your final exams and then graduate with a nice, cosy, quiet, comforting, computer-to-use-for-studying libraries. I mean I get that I have my laptop, but my schools internet is really bad when everyones trying to use it, and the only computers that have the best connection are the library ones.

    Sorry if I'm a party pooper, just my thought. If I was a year 7 I would F the haters and play minecraft, it's not like I'm about to graduate or something :rolleyes:
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  13. My gaming teacher at my middle school would let us play pretty much anything if we finished our work.
  14. During our break time and before classes, we're allowed to do ANYTHING on our computers. They have blocked all gaming forums, but they encourage servers because it can help with learning. I'm always playing EMC or using the 3d printers....
  15. I honestly don't think video games should be something for school, I mean yah it's fun, I'd love it. It's just not very practical and seems like a waste of tax payer money (that is if it's a public school). I mean you're supposed to learn, and it doesn't sound to me like it was very structured.
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  16. When I went to school we didn't have computers and those stone tablets were hard to erase. :p
  17. Yeah
  18. Tell that to my old Geometry teacher :p

    Back on topic:
    Dang, my librarian would've said no to us a few years ago. Your teacher is very nice :)
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  19. she is! Mrs. Deben is awesome :D
  20. *proxy*
    I use a proxy at my school regularly so I can play pokemon showdown in CS class =P
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