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  1. I search high and low for about 30 minutes trying to figure out if the /wilds command sent me to the Frontier (where I can expect my buildings to last) or the Wastelands (where they will disappear...) or somewhere else. The wiki currently doesn't seem to have this command documented....

    Can someone tell me if the tower and other items i've constructed are at risk of going away? (not due to griefing)

    Thanks in advance!
    -- Perry
  2. The commands are:
    /frontier or /wild or /wilderness - Go to the frontier
    /wastelands or simply /waste - Go to the wastelands

    Also, a tip: Once you teleport to those worlds, you'll get a message in chat in the lines of "Entering Frontier Outpost: Center" or "Entering Wastelands Outpost: West", so you know where you're at.

    Everything you build in town or in the frontier will NOT be reset. Only difference from those worlds is that your things aren't protected in the frontier from griefers. Griefing isn't allowed and those who grief will be banned. In town, everything you own is automatically protected. Only way you might lose your stuff is if you don't log in.
    The wastelands is a resource world, and it gets periodically reset, so it's not recommended to build anything there.
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  3. Thank you much! Now I can rest assured "The Eye of Stahlsis", the "Stone Pinnocchio" and "Smelt-o-matic 1000" will remain part of the wilds... unless griefed.

    Say this is a little off topic, are there pumpkins, granite, andestite, or diorite to be found anywhere?
  4. Pumpkins are tough to find in the wilderness, but it's possible. It's a lot easier to just purchase them from the players, they're extremely cheap. Granite, andesite and diorite are all 1.8 items, so they won't be out there until we upgrade to 1.8.
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  5. Gotcha! Thanks again for the info! (I only started playing MC as of 1.8. :) )
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