The Voltefyre Society

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  1. What if there was a group
    that was more than just a group
    that was a full league of EMC's most aspiring players
    dedicated to cooperation for the greater good of the association?

    What if there was a group
    which gave a new generation of EMC players a new direction
    where they could participate and contribute in numerous ways
    and rise through the ranks as an esteemed member?

    The Voltefyre Society is a new movement in Empire Minecraft.

    Led by 72Volt,
    the society is built on the aim to serve its members and the wider EMC community.
    First, you ask on the thread to join.
    Then, you are messaged by an appointed Guide when you're on SMP8.
    You are led to a temporary HQ (there are plans to build a Palace of Voltefyre)
    and into a General Hall, where you will take an oath pledging servitude to the Society, your brothers and sisters in the Society, and the wider EMC community.

    From there, you can contribute in a variety of ways.
    Like mining? Join the Voltefyre Mining Club, or set one up.
    Like mob arena? Join the Voltefyre Spleef Club, or set one up.
    Like building? Join the Voltefyre Architecture Club, or set one up.
    You get the idea. Clubs will be the main way of contributing to the Society.

    But the most important organ in the Society will be the Voltefyre General Assembly.
    The General Assembly will be modelled on the ancient Greek 'agora', a general place of gathering where debate, discussion, commerce, and announcements take place.
    In the General Assembly, juries will be assembled to discuss current affairs,
    chests may be rented to sell goods from, there will be advertising boards exclusively for member use, and members will be able to debate on matters affecting the Society.
    Business in the Assembly will be managed by the Secretary General, who will oversee all Assembly proceedings, and publish a weekly timetable for all announcements and debates.

    The Voltefyre Society will be built on one document, the Supreme Charter.
    This document will never be considered 'complete', no more than the Society will be considered complete.
    Instead, it will continually change according to the needs of the Society and its members.
    Anyone can change the Supreme Charter, by proposing a motion to be debated to the Secretary General.
    Everyone in the Voltefyre Society can be a politician, campaigning for the greater good.

    Rankings in the Society will be based on a system of degrees.
    All new members of the Society will be designated Apprentices.
    To be promoted to a 1st Degree Member, you must acquire Merits.
    Each week, the Head of a Club will give one Merit to the individual in the club who has contributed the most.
    There will also be a weekly vote to determine who has contributed the most to business in the General Assembly, and upon completing a term as Secretary General or a Club Head, you can acquire a Merit.
    A total of one Merit is required to reach the 1st Degree of membership, 4 Merits for the 2nd Degree, 9 Merits for the 3rd Degree and so on.

    That's the idea so far. It's not set in stone, I'm open to suggestions.
    The checklist is as follows:
    Write basic foundation of Supreme Charter
    ☐ Construct temporary HQ, at bottom of my SMP8 residence
    ☐ Build permanent HQ, the Palace of Voltefyre
    ☐ Establish the basic clubs
    ☐ Acquire community interest

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you will assist me in my vision!
    - 72Volt
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  2. Can I join? :3
  3. As soon as I write the part of the Supreme Charter with provisions for membership, yes! :)
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  4. Can I join as well? :)
  5. Hmm. Sounds cool, good for you Volt ;)
  6. Is this going to be in town or out in the wild? I would like to join as well.

  7. *very shortly, once I publish the charter. :)
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  8. thank you Brick ^_^

    Based in Town, but you could make a club for a Voltefyre wild outpost, if you wish! :D
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  9. Hey your back :D
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  10. The basic edition of the Supreme Charter is available to read here!

    Yes, finally found a reason to return, literally came up with this a couple of nights ago :)
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  11. Welcome back after a short hiatus I guess.
    I hope this ends up great!
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  12. Hm, what would be a good title for the highest ranking member of the society...
  13. General Minster, or Prime Minster. Or General of the Society. Admiral of the Society.
  14. SMP8 Residence? I'd be glad to help out with building an HQ, I've been starting to look into interior decorating and 8 is my home server. Let me know if you need help
  15. The Ranks should be this:

    • Recruit
    • Member
    • HighRanked Member
    • Warrant Officer
    • Major General
    • General
    And for the last one, it should be General of the Society.
  16. Anyways, I am currently buildings an outpost on smp8. I can make it reserved for this project if you want. :D
  17. We'll need an architect first, to design the HQ :)

    Also, I'll be on SMP8 now, so if you want to become a member, now's your chance! I'll need some help making a makeshift HQ on my res, with an entrance hall, a General Assembly, and club rooms, so if anyone could provide help, that'd be great :)
  18. I've decided the main ranking system will be based on that of the Freemasons, with Degrees. You would start as an Apprentice, then once you got your first Merit, you would become a 1st Degree member. 3 more Merits, you become a 2nd Degree member. 5 more Merits, 3rd Degree, and so on. There will also be elected positions, such as Club Heads and the Secretary General.
  19. Like the boy scouts? If so, I love this idea. It would be great if we would be a huge community, not only interacting but with helping other people.
  20. Ambitious as ever, good to see you've started a new project Volt!
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