The Underground City

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  1. Welcome to The Underground City thread.
    Here you shall live proper and united.
    There will be farms, mines, grinders, animal pens, and housing.
    As of tight now, we are building the outpost on Smp8.
    Therefore this outpost will be on smp8 and if you have another outpost there, maybe we can become allies.
    Like the name of the thread says, this city will be underground.
    We need workers to help us accomplish this.
    Our government Rules and Terms:
    There will always be the same leader (me) unless I appoint a different leader.
    The Co-Leader will serve a term of a month in real life, and then the citizens shall re-elect or elect a new one.
    They are heads of departments that deal with mining and such and such.
    If you are to request a job ask one of them. You can only request for a job from them once you are accepted and have at least done the job you applied for for 2 weeks.
    These People are:
    Mining: Nickblockmaster

    Farming: ToriDesu/Nickblockmaster

    Wood Gathering: ToriDesu

    Carpenters: Kman122000

    Miners=8 (dig out the area)
    Builders=2-4 (builds housing and town buildings)
    Farmers=2 (build farms)
    Animal Herders/Peners=4-6 (herds animals and pens them)
    Wood/Resource Gatherers=6-8 (gathers wood and resources)
    Redstone Expert=1-3 (Builds automatic doors, etc.)
    City Planner=1 (Helps fluffinator09 plan out the city)
    :Animal Herders and Wood/Resource Gatherers is 1 job:

    Apply for a Job:
    Have You Been Banned:
    If So Why:
    Alt (if you have one):
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  2. IGN: creeper3845
    Job: Miner
    Why: I love to find minerals and mine
    Have You Been Banned: Nope.
    If So Why: N/A
    I don't think I have to answer the last one because it already has a 'why do I want this job'. Mind changing it?

  3. IGN: ToriDesu
    Job: Anything but miner (More into Animal herder or builder :) )
    Why: I love animals and building things, I can do both very quickly too
    Have You Been Banned: Nope
    If So Why: Nopppe
    Why Do You Want This Job: To be apart of the server more and try out the wild for the first time, also to make new friends on the server that will last awhile. I also want to help out all I can with whoever I can

  4. You are accepted I will add you into a pm and we will discuss it more.

    You are accepted I will add you into a pm and we will discuss it more. Also since animal herding and penning is not that hard, (I will supply some animals and fences) can you also be a wood/resource gatherer?
  5. Like I said I'll do everything but mining! I hate mining
  6. All right that is fine with me.
  7. Can we get on now and get started?
  8. I am looking for a spot right now to start. I am getting on and you can meet me on 6 and we can see what we need for supplies. Also tell your friends have them look at this thread so we can get the development done faster.
  9. New job added. Needed a redstone expert.
  10. I'm slightly good at redstone. What do you need to be built?
  11. I've never seen it built but a sliding door, but the door is the floor.
  12. I can do that
  13. Bump come on people we need more people on building this city. People who help build are guaranteed their own plot and a spot in the council.
  14. Added new job: City Planner. SO fluffinator09 can have help choosing what the city will look like.
  15. I would like to join but I have a question.
    Is this base compliant with the new stuff ICC posted?
    Having the protection the system gives is nice.
  16. Yes it is we were about to head out yesterday and build it but lag prevented, then I happened to see that post. If you join and get accepted you will be informed.
  17. Ok.
    Apply for a Job: planning help
    IGN: jkrmnj
    Job: I think this is a repeat from above
    Why: I enjoy the work planning brings
    Have You Been Banned: No
    If So Why: No
    Why Do You Want This Job: I enjoy the work planning brings (I think this is a repeat too)
  18. The first one is to how that below is the app form, not apart of the app. Also the bottom is a repeat.
  19. Oh forgot you are accepted let me add you to the planners' Convo.