The Uncertain Adventures of Kate

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  1. My name is Kate and I think I have been on minecraft for eight...maybe nine months and before that I hadn't played any other PC game/video game-unless you count Moshi Monsters, which honestly I don't think qualifies as a video game.

    Before posting this I faced the question of making a mini blog, the answer was Why Not?
    So I came up with a list for Why Not:

    • People may think I am slightly odd
    • History, along the lines of the memory path become a little distorted and I'm not sure my adventures will be all that reliable in historical terms
    • What have I got to say?
    Then I thought up a list of why I should make a mini blog on emc:
    • It will boost my confidence-but still, I want to be able to get out of my bedroom door(I don't want a big head)
    • I can share my pretty awesome adventures
    • I guess...I can be whatever I want to be
    So I think that's sorted. I'm going to make a mini blog!:D....The Uncertain Adventures of Kate.
    I'm a little uncertain about the title though, I mean I can think up of much cooler titles:
    • The Adventures of Kate?
    • Kate's Blog?
    • Read Me?
    • Mega Shark vs. Super Squid?
    ...Actually I think the title is perfect.
    So I am going to run through what this blog is about. In this blog I will be posting my awesome adventures so everyone can have a piece of the awesomeness. Simples.

    My first adventure: Killer Coal and Friendly Skeletons.

    It was a cold, bleak day and that was the day I had purchased minecraft pocket edition!
    As I had never played on minecraft before I had my friend called...Frank with me to help me.
    ME: What do I do?
    FRANK: Press the start button
    ME: Why does it say 'the creeper did it?'
    FRANK: Just press start.
    ME: Why is that there!
    FRANK: *presses start for me and makes a new world*
    ME: :eek:Whoa this is so awesome! Frank! What's this?
    FRANK: Its a tree.
    ME: *faints* What's this? What's that? (and I proceed to ask what every single block was)
    FRANK: *Ignores me*
    So I went around wondering what everything was in this strange new world. Frank had told me about people who had spent ten years trying to find and ender dragon, so I went searching for caves to find one in. Frank had told me about bridges which took two whole minecraft days to cross-I didn't find any.
    As I was walking along in my Steve skin I saw some coal ore in a cliff side. I didn't know that it was coal ore, I thought it was one of those monsters Frank told me about so I stayed clear.
    When night fell I was punching a tree (I had just found out how to do that) when a skeleton walked up to me.
    ME: Hi there!
    SKELETON: grrrrrrrrr
    ME: Frank! Look its a little person!
    SKELETON: *Shoots arrow*
    ME: ouch!
    SKELETON: *shoots another arrow*
    ME: (realisation strikes! It was a monster!) *I run*
    I ran across the fields with the skeleton in close pursuit and I was just looking back to see where it had gone when the IPad informed me that I had died.

    The skeleton had shot me in the face.

    Thank you for reading my first ever blog post! I hope I can write another for you!
  2. Haha, that was great!
    It should be "iPad", though :3
    *proceeds to registering an account at Moshi Monsters*
    Edit: Never mind, I thought it was free xD
  3. Moshi Monsters did used to be free :( those were the good old days
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  4. Lost
    "I think we may be lost" I said as me and two companions trailed after me as we made our way through the seemingly never-ending tunnel. Frank stopped to mine some iron and me and Ernie waited patiently until he had finished.
    "I don't think we're lost." Ernie confided "I think we're just slightly off course, look I think we passed that rock when we came down here."
    With this new beacon of hope I was ready to believe that we were going to find our way out "Really? You sure Ernie? We've been down here for nearly two hours." Ernie nodded and at that moment Frank came over "Hey guys" he said excitedly "I think I know the way out!"
    "Its ok Frank, Ernie says that he's seen that rock over there and he know the way out."
    "No." Frank disagreed "No its definitely that way." he gestured right to where Ernie wanted to go. We were faced with a decision which could mean the difference between an extra two hours lost or freedom. "I think we should go my way first and if it looks like it isn't the right way we'll turn back." Me and Frank both considered this for a moment and seeing as though none of us could come up with a better idea we agreed.
    So the expedition continued, by now we were living off carrots because we had run mostly out of food. My stomach rumbled threateningly and Frank and Ernie picked up the pace and we all trotted along anxiously.
    TWANG! an arrow flew just over Frank's head and struck the wall. We whipped around. Weapons raised. Frank shot an arrow at the skeleton while Ernie came at it with his diamond sword. Meanwhile I crouched behind a block of stone and shouted words of encouragement to them both.
    "They're very good aren't they?" A hissing voice asked behind me. In confusion I turned around and was met with the ugly, green complexion of a creeper. HSSSSSSSS
    "gahhhhhhhh" I yelled. Ernie turned around in confusion and was promptly thrown into a pit of lava by an attacking zombie.
    A huge explosion sent bit of dirt and stone flying as the creeper blew up sending me on a brief joy ride, soaring over the head of Frank who had thrown himself behind a pillar.

    I'm not sure whether Frank ever made it out of the caves or not. I guess I never asked...Me and Ernie though decided we should buy some better armour and we left Frank to his adventures down in the caves.

    All was well for me and Ernie.
    "Guys? Guys?" called Frank as he walked around thirty blocks below ground.

    THE END:)
  5. Oh, I really love this, I would like more :D
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  6. Thanks. I wasn't sure whether people would actually read this mini blog (as shown in my first blog post) so its good to know people like it. :p I'll be sure to post more of my adventures!
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  7. Cat the Squid (this work is merely fiction, but the story comes from the reality of my mind:confused:)

    "I think she's dead."
    "hmm I'm not sure...I think she's just asleep..."
    "Yeah well...Ernie, Cat has been 'asleep' for a week now."
    "What should we do then?"
    "Think we should push her outside, she's blocking the door."
    "...Or we could bury her..."
    "Ernie! She's breathing!"
    It was another day in emc and me and my good friend Ernie were standing in my living room looking down on my pet squid-Cat. We had tried everything to wake her up. We had put on really load music, tried poking her awake, put a cake under her nose and let the delicious smells waft up her nose...We had tried everything any logical person would do.
    Still...she lay face down on the stone floor like she had done all week.
    "O.K." said Ernie "We'll push her out."
    So while I broke down the doors Ernie attempted to push her (gently) across the room, he was out of breath by the time he had pushed Cat across the floor to the door. So together we pushed and shoved her out of the door and across the corridor, past the paintings on the walls, past the kitchen and past the bookshelf.

    How did Cat manage to get out of her tank?
    Earlier in the week me and another friend, Mildred, aka. Millie was at my residence. We were both having a brilliant time playing football in the living room when the ball had gone straight over the goal like a bird and had hit Cat's tank.
    All the water came rushing out at once and sadly for me all the carpet in my living room was ruined! and of course Cat was washed out of her tank as well... Millie had left rather quickly after that telling me she had a dentist appointment-I was about to say that minecraft people didn't have teeth to bring to the dentist but she had already gone, insisting that she would be late.

    "Yesss!" I whooped. We had successfully gotten Cat from point A to point B. It was rather difficult to get her put the stage and at one point we accidentally pushed her off the top of the stairs but all was well.
    The congratulations were short-lived however as we had no idea how to awaken Cat from her slumber.
    Eventually we came to the conclusion that we should put Cat in some water and because we were both to lazy to push Cat back downstairs to her tank we decided that we would make her a pond.

    Four minutes of hard work later....

    "Right." Ernie looked at me "Shall we?"
    "Yes Ernie."
    "1...2...3!" and we both took a mini run-up and gave Cat and almighty shove and with a splash she landed in the pond we had made for her.
    A few tense moments passed...We stared expectantly into the murky depths of the pond waiting for Cat to resurface. We were stood an a small island in the centre of the pond and just as we were going to give up the surface of the pond rippled. A magnificent blue creature surface and with an elegant flick of its many legs its soared high into the air and made a brief arch over us both! Cat sang in delight.
    "She's free Ernie! She's free!"

    Hope you enjoyed. Comments are very much appreciated :):D
  8. Another comment? This is going to be my third :p
    Anyway, I like it, but the squid's name confused me multiple times :rolleyes:

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  9. ah sorry about the name, next time I'll try to make character names more clear but I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
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  10. I'm feeling too lazy to write a post for today but I'll entertain you with a little song:

    Everything is awesome!
    Everything is cool when you're part of the team!
    Everything is awesome!
    When you're living the dream!

    Same time, Same place next Tuesday evening! :p
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  11. Food Diary
    Monday: I had an apple, it tasted like programming.
    Tuesday: I had apple pie...
    Wednesday: I had apple juice, the juice was very sweet and I was very excitable after that....Apples are good for you....Did you know that apples come from trees?...Cool....
    Thursday: Did I ever tell you I ate an apple once? oh ok.....
    Friday: Guess what? Today I went out into the waste and found a tree! I cut down the wood and made a bonfire, then I collected the fallen apples. I then made a quick journey to the jungle to collect cocoa beans. That evening I had a bonfire and I had apples and chocolate with my friends.
    Saturday: I decided I needed a better diet so I ate some melon...and a potato
    Sunday: This is my last food diary entry. I think I have explained why people don't keep food diaries in minecraft. :)
  12. Thanks 607, :)I think you're about the only person that reads this blog.:(
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  13. People who don't read this most likely just do not know what they're missing ;)
  14. Why EMC doesn't have a bus service...
    While looking on the EMC BS security footage last week I noticed that maybe the bus service wasn't the best idea or maybe that they needed roofs on the bus stops....

    The rain poured from the heavens as if the oceans were tipped upside down and the sodden passengers on the EMC BS(bus services) were in the foulest of moods. When the bus was skidding down the roads of smp8 there were only four people on the bus, all of them sat in the furthest corners away from each other. Three of them were soaking wet and one of them were as dry as the Sahara desert. The wet ones were called Ernie, Frank and Santa.

    The reason for this was because as three of them were waiting at the bus stop they were already wet and cold and it didn't help at all when a mine-car rolled past and deliberately ploughed straight through a puddle. Then just to make matters worse when the bus eventually turned up, twenty minutes late, they found Mildred sitting next to the only heater eating cookies. Instead of offering her space to her friends she said, "you look a bit damp." Munch.

    Now before you judge the three wet passengers you must think about how it must have been for them with their shoes filled with water and everything in their inventories soaked.

    Sitting facing away from each other they all stared out of the windows and absently drew squiggles and lines on the frosted glass...The bus jerked to a halt, the doors hissed open and someone entered. He was called CustardCreame and he was from smp5 , he was on his way to visit the firefloor and hopefully last five more seconds than he did last time.

    He waved merrily to them all and skipped over to his chair in high spirits, he of course was wet like the others but he was too excited about the firefloor. The bus started moving again before he had sat down but he didn't mind. He tried to make polite conversation with Ernie who sat in front of him but Ernie was in no mood to talk about the weather.

    The five passengers sat in silence. Ernie, Frank, Santa in his red outfit, Mildred and CustardCreame.

    CustardCreame, bored, looked around and taking the silence for approval he pulled out a redstone-powered hairdryer from his bag and switched it on.

    Whhrrrrrrrr .....Mildred scoffed another cookie, Munch. Munch....

    Frank and Ernie exchanged an expression that said all too clearly that if CustardCreame didn't switch off his hairdryer in the next five seconds something bad would happen.

    Whrrrrrr. Munch. Whrrrrr.Munch.

    Ernie stood up. CustardCreame, unknowingly was saved by the bus stopping again.

    Poppy leapt on, wet in state. "Hey guys! Oh gosh we're all so wet. Its like a club!" she gasped, she had ran to catch the bus. "I'm going to the nether, got some nether rack to mine. Where are you all off to?" he swung a pickaxe further up her shoulder and sat down next to Mildred.

    "To the markets." muttered Frank

    "Restaurant, "said Ernie grumpily.

    Whhhrrrr..."I'm going to the firefloor, Poppy." said CustardCreame happily.

    Santa lifted his head, "to smp2, got a lot of presents to deliver."



    "Where are the presents Santa?" asked Poppy curiously and looked around for a sack thrown into the luggage rack.

    "My reindeer have them overhead." he said gruffly

    "Why don't you ride with them?" now Mildred was interested

    Santa looked slightly uncomfortable, "I've eaten one too many mince pies..."

    CustardCreame turned around and pointed his blowing hairdryer at him which caused his hat to blow off. "You're telling me that Santa is now taking the bus?"

    "I've heard that it takes a lot of carrot fuel to keep a magic sledge in the air." whispers Mildred.


    Would you shut that thing off?" shouted Frank from the other side of the bus, CustardCreame stood up and advanced on him, he stood directly in front of him and glared at him in the face. "If you wanted to borrow my hairdryer you should only just ask, you don't have to be rude." With one last munch of her cookie, Mildred leapt up and drew out her wizard's wand, he cast a defensive spell but at that point the bus driver swerved violently to avoid an ocelot that had run out onto the road. "Defensio-ahhha-op" and Mildred's aim went wild. The spell hit Santa in the face and he disappeared, he found himself sitting in the driver's seat and having never drove a bus he panicked. The passengers screamed as he swerved left and right all over the road, miraculously avoiding all objects.

    Frank tripped over CustardCreame's hairdryer wire and fell to the floor, managing to knock Poppy down. Her pickaxe chopped the seat in half and quivered when it dug into the floor.

    Ernie made a bid for freedom and dived towards the emergency exit but Mildred got there first, she rugby tackled him and walked over his back to the door. She kicked open the door with excessive force and jumped bravely out of it.

    Ernie quickly followed.

    Mildred meanwhile was stood next to Santa yelling instructions at him which were useless, "LEFT! RIGHT! THAT'S A TREE! OH WELL THERE IT GOES. NORTH! EAST WEST! AHHHHH!"

    Frank was trying to cut the wire with the sharp pickaxe and Poppy had stood up and was stumbling towards Mildred and Santa, she saw a stick on the floor and suddenly she recognized it. Mildred's wand! She seized it and screamed randomly to the skies. "magicoos!" and a daisy popped out of the wand's end. She stared at it for a second and threw the wand out of the window.

    Up ahead she saw the sign that marked the end of the road, she grabbed hold of a seat and held on tight. Waiting for the crash.

    She closed her eyes. Mildred had stopped shouting and Santa had stopped trying to drive.

    They waited.

    And the crash never came.

    Poppy glanced up cautiously and looked out of the window, she saw that in front of them was Santa's sleigh, with his reindeer and the bus driver at the front. He waved merrily and Poppy let out the breath that she had been holding.

    Never taking the bus again. Ever again.
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  16. After the font change, that escalated very quickly :p
    Not a bad thing though, just unexpected.
  17. oh, well it took so long writing it I had to copy and paste it onto a word document to keep it safe and I guess when I pasted parts back on here it kind of changed font. :)
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  18. I really appreciate how you did that!
    I lost lots of really long posts on EMC and YouTube because of not doing that :(
  19. Yeah...I lost the story two times before I thought of copy and pasting it.:)