The Tower of Sorrow - Eclipsys ~SOON TO COME TO EMC~

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  1. So here's a small tower ive built on another server :D It will soon be viewable on EMC SMP 3 (which res it will be on will be announced later) !

    Please leave some comments :D

    ~Ecli javaw 2012-03-18 11-52-07-31.jpg javaw 2012-03-18 11-54-03-53.jpg
  2. Great I hope to see it near d1223m's res to show who's is better :p
  3. Very pretty! Eclipsys strikes again :D
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  4. javaw 2012-03-18 18-38-15-55.jpg javaw 2012-03-18 18-38-36-95.jpg :D


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  5. Anyone else ':D?
  6. ....

  7. it is, its gonna be upon the Delta Team Headquarters XD AND on my SMP 1 fortress of Eden :D
  8. Oh noes - so not near mine - but exactly across the road! I think Im going to have to come up with a reply... ;)
  9. well, you could also copy and alter the design ey :D
  10. How many res do you have Eclipsys :p Good luck
  11. d1223m does not copy!

  12. I got one residence on SMP 1 (841) (Under Construction)

    And projects on:

    SMP 1:

    /v pietza
    /v eclipsys
    /v spineshankkira (not yet started

    SMP 2:

    /v aldrinthegreat
    /v pgoubert-3

    SMP 3:

    /v copherfield


    /v 5003

  13. My point exactly!
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  14. XD They simply like my building style and hire me for projects :D
  15. Well that makes sense, your builds are pretty amazing :p
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  16. Somehow i think you take too much build requests. On the other hand,
    I can't blame people for asking too much of you...:rolleyes:
  17. Oh well, i like building, and my current project earns met 50.000r XD so i dont mind :D
  18. *Wonders how much money Eclipsys got, and how much of that he has gotten by building stuff for others*
  19. Eclipsys had over 70k Yesterday :)