What you get when you enlarge a small project, into something Huge!

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  1. Hey!

    As you all know... (or i think you do) DarkUnknown has a nice small community on his 2nd residence on SMP1. And i started building this nice sand house, with cobble n wood. Eventually i had the idea of simply enlarging the thing i built on Darks res, into something which is more up to my building standers. Big, Nice and Alot (or too much) work. So here it is :D

    The building on small scale, SMP1 Residence 304 (DarkUnknown)
    javaw 2012-01-05 17-37-13-35.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 17-37-21-62.jpg

    And this is the enlarged version, on another server:
    javaw 2012-01-05 17-22-50-81.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 17-23-12-94.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 17-23-50-31.jpg

    And that is a nice example of Scaling things up the Eclipsys way :D

    Hope you all enjoy it :)