The Tower of Knowledge

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  1. In the days of old Sosaria stood the Tower of Knowledge, a beacon of wisdom and greater learning. Visitors to this site were subject to strange forces, capable of increasing their intellectual capacity for the traditional magics of wizardry. After the death of Mondain, and the sundering of Sosaria, this tower, like many prominent landmarks, vanished into the mists of time. It was not known what became of it.
    But now the Tower has been called forth to our world, pulled from the timeless abyss of elsewhere, to once again fill its purpose as a storehouse of wisdom and history of the lands. All are welcome to come share the light of knowledge… "Turis - Scientia – Magnopere

    The Grand Archives is home to hundreds of tomes and volumes collected from all corners of the Empire, with the hope to eventually share their contents.

    Warps have been placed to carry the curious to the Starter Gear History display, a step by step walk through the changes and additions made over the years.

    … and finally warps to visit the depths of Davy Jones locker to view the heads of Staff and Members alike who have taken part in our great Empire.

    A continuing work in progress. Please consider donating your written books or heads for their addition to the Tower.
    Tower of Knowledge: 12022
    Starter Gear History: 12039
    Davy Jones Locker head display: 12010@davy

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