The Thread About Gardening

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  1. Something I noticed we're lacking in is a thread about gardening. I'd assume there are other EMC Players that grow plants besides me and like, 2 other people, so uh, yeah, here's a thread for it, whether it be about showing off yer plants, asking for advice, or just general chat about plants
  2. Sorry to maybe ask something obvious but: in-game or IRL? ;)

    Makes a huge difference... in-game I'm sometimes worried that I provide my plants with too much water and I risk drowning / flooding them. IRL is totally different of course. Here I'm sometimes worried that I give them too much water so that they can't process it :D

    On a more serious note: Anyone ever heard about a Datura? ;)
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  3. I mean... I have potatoes? But I just throw some bonemeal in the machine and it gets it for me...
  4. I took a lilac sucker from the bush above the house a couple years ago, but it's starting to outgrow its pot. Gonna need to replant it soon, or get a bigger pot. Sadly, it's not big enough to start flowering yet - and even when it does, lilacs only bloom for a week or so, it seems. :( Shame, they smell so nice.
  5. I live in an apartment, so gardening is kinda difficult, but I still try
    I have a planter box on the windowsill that I am growing a strawberry plant out of
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  6. I wish ya luck in your Lilac-growing endeavors, they are a nice flower (though Nasturtiums will always remain my favorite)
  7. Recently, we had a very large maple in our backyard that was splitting and had to be removed, and we decided to put a vegetable garden in its place. We're currently growing sunflowers, tomatoes, snap peas, bell peppers, spinach, kale, radishes, pumpkins, potatoes, sunflowers, nasturtiums, and one other flower that I'm forgetting at the moment. I'll post a pic when I decide to get off my lazy butt and take one. :p
  8. I have lilacs in my backyard and I absolutely love them <3 Everytime I try growing strawberries they get eaten or dont even grow XD Well in-game.... I am planting sugar cane, potatoes, carrots, beet root, and something else :p I need to get more seeds cause I kinda uh...ruined the crops XD
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  9. Well..I have my own garden in my room... Thats why my room is moldy and smelly
  10. I have a cactus, which is pretty nice. I water it about once a month and so far it hasn't died yet.

    Side note: What is everyone's favorite flower (irl)? Mine are peonies.
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  11. Nasturtiums are my favorite, though Velvet Queen and Vanilla Ice Sunflowers are a close second, Dahlias too
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  12. Fuchsias are wonderful.
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  13. My fav plants are ivy petunias and geraniums
  14. Everything I grow just dies, just like my hopes and dreams.
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  15. This is the longest I've kept a potted plant alive with no assistance :p Poor little thing T_T I do much better with plants outside vs potted. It's a Pothos and it was a gift the same day my son was born.

    Edit: wow! >_< didn't mean for it to be so huge. sorry...
  16. My parents likes these stuff, i kinda dont...
  17. Did you know: That if you paint rocks the size and color's of your vegetable. Put it down beside it before your vegetable sprouts the birds and bugs that try to eat it will actually leave it alone when the actual vegetable sprouts and comes around.