The SMP4 Project Is Ready To Build... Let's Talk :)

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  1. Yes it's true... I'm Back! Its time to start building the wall around TWENTY FOUR residences! We have 8100 set up as the central warehouse and there are sell chests being set up for certain materials. Keep in mind the prices are lower because there is no resale and my family is buying a majority of the materials with our own money... :) There is also a room across from the sell room for those who want to give the materials they have been telling me about. You are all so amazing! I will keep you posted here this week! :) R0bbieJo
  2. Nice! Glad to see you back again (hopefully for good this time!)
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  3. As leader of the Phoenix Clan on SMP4 we would like to give our suport to the project. We will be willing to colect items. If there is something specific you need please PM me and let me know.
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  4. Will I'm a leader of a crew also on smp4 and so far so good for the crew but they don't play that much so I would like to give my time to help build :D
  5. Welcome back R0bbie, can't wait :D
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  6. Awesome! I will be getting with all of you and we will get organized... I decided this being a summer project would give a lot more time to many players. That way we can involve everyone who wants involved! :)
    Thank You for your support... :)
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  7. I am glad to see you all grouping and having fun! Keeps the server clean and happy that way....
    Happy Momma Mod... lol
  8. I am going to start a thread for materials. I am going to add the players that let me know they are wanting to help collect supplies...
    Devil and Storm I will add you to this... anyone else just let me know and we will get you in too... :)

    We will start one for each part soon but the materials are Number One! :)
    When you all see the warehouse you will FREAK.... lol
  9. In addition to devil_meet, also please add apocryphan and myself.
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  10. Ah I think I said on the other thread of yours that I can donate stuff but that didn't happen, I promise this time I will :) Currently at sunstreak islands so i will come back with a bunch of goodies :D Gotta stay loyal to SMP 4 :p
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  11. Thank You Jake... No matter where else we play in the Empire... SMP4 is HOME :)
  12. Well... DUH... Your the other half of ME.... of course you will be :p
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  13. Just making sure lol
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  14. I can help get supplies if needed robbie
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  15. Oh My Gosh.... Your Back! I missed you! :)
    Come see me on smp6... I am mining there... :)
  16. ;)
  17. I can't atm I am still at school.
  18. I am able to help with materials and building!
    Just one question...why around 24 res's? and who's are they?
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  19. Hello Robbie, I can donate stuffs!
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  20. OMG Tink.... I missed you!
    Come see me whenever you can... I am on 6 right now mining if you are on. I can come to 4 whenever your there... :)