The SMP War

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Will you fight?

Yes 49 vote(s) 71.0%
Ies 20 vote(s) 29.0%
  1. The SMP War has begun! SMPs 7, 8, and 9 have all aligned to make the SMP alliance, fighting in justice against SMP4!

    We have 100 trained sheep, and offensive base with a server portal to SMP4, a defensive base with barracks and sniper towers all on smp9!
    The commanding leaders for smp9 are:
    -Benthebobjr: Operator and founder of the SMP Alliance, Offensive Leader, Negotiator.
    -Thebuttersheep: Defensive Leader, owner of barracks and leader of biggest group in the SMP Alliance.
    -karatekick2001: Air Force Commander, air bases for offense and defense.

    What we want from SMP4 to stop this war:
    We want Carl! If we see Carl in a spawn egg in the donation chest at 19039 we will pull out our troops and call off this war! We know he is an innocent sheep and you brainwashed him!

    Let the war begin! Join us and fight for justice!
  2. This is...


    Wow :p

    Edit: Smp8 is the supreme server. All hail samsimx.
  3. Bring it smp4. We are ready.

    Note: SMP4 has already launched an attack on my base. They did not succeed, but were disguised and pretended to be one of us. Be careful who you trust...
  4. Smp8? I didn't agree to this.
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  5. Neither did I. But apparently, we're already in neck deep :p
  6. Tell me about it...
  7. Well, as Fleet Admiral of the Smp8 navy I regret to inform everyone that our ships are in port on Smp3. Guess we can't fight this time.
  8. Fear not, my ground troops are still here :)
  9. We were transporting soil, so no ground for the ground troops :(
    what else do we have?
  10. Err... We have hope, but that's about it :p
  11. BlackKnight lost the bundle holding Smp8's hope when he was out in the wastelands searching for the dignity he told me he lost not even an hour earlier
  12. Don't forget my 12 squid that multiply as fast as a virus :D
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  13. Oh BK... Why would you bring the hope with you while you were searching for the dignity? Bad boy...
  14. Good lord. This has gotten way to out of hand. Dammit
  15. She started it!
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  16. I'm in the middle!

    Smp6 For Life!
  17. I have a problem. SMP4 is my homeland and where I've spent about half my time on my Empire, and SMP8 is where my new residences are and where I've been settling for the most part recently. Therefore, I hereby declare that we must have a truce! I cannot allow our Empire to be torn apart like this. Meeting adjourned! You can all go home now, nothing to see here anymore. :)
  18. This better not spill over into the frontier…OR SMP5…
  19. -claps furiously-
    Wooo!!! Preach it hashy!
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