The return.

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  1. Hay guys! :D

    It's been awhile... I might aswell explain exactly what happened.

    I insulted the EMC staff while sticking up for AlexHallon. I wasn't thinking right - because I have absolutely no problem with the staff. They're all amazing and do a great job of nursing the server (if that's how you look at it :p).

    I got banned about two months ago, and appealed it about a month ago. In the time it took to be unbanned, I went on holiday, grew about 2 inches taller, and started my first week of Year 9... but what can I say? It was worth the wait.

    But there's a catch to all this... I can't screw this chance up, since it's my final chance. If I get banned again, I cannot appeal again and will never be allowed back. And this won't happen - I promise you guys that :)

    I'd like to thank the EMC staff for allowing me back :) I'm over the moon right now thanks to you guys, lol.

    So annywaaay... I have a 16 hour wait until i'm allowed back in-game. Until then, you guys can talk to me... right here.
  2. Welcome back.
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  3. welcome back :D
  4. Ohai

    Welcome back. :p
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  5. No idea when the gold supporter will be back, unfortunately... And when it does come out, it won't be out of my mum's money anymore ;)
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  6. Welcome back
  7. Nice to see you back! Now me and mba can include you in our evil great plans :p
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  8. I find that profile picture. So familiar. Anyway, Welcome back.
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  9. Welcome back SoulPunisher! :D
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  10. Tankies.
    Hai... I don't think i've met you before :p
    Ohaider Pen.
    Haillo Dark :D
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  11. I've had it before, haha.
    Hi PP :D
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  12. Welcome back! If you need anything just ask
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  13. Welcome back. I ban you from getting banned again. :)
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  14. Yea ik but its nice to meet new people :D
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  15. OH MY GOD! :eek: Your back! A dream come true!!!
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  16. I remember you, wb
  17. Time to pass Alex in post now Soul :D
  18. Hai Jack :D
    For both of us :D
    I will, thankies :3

    Hope everybody enjoys their free 'Hai' for today :p
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  19. Welcome Back! Nice to have you back in EMC!
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