The Promo Prices Thread

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  1. I'll take 3 rupees, thats the lowest I'll go.
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  2. In all seriousness, you're likely one of the last people to have one. With the last games being so long ago and many players who no longer play, as well as the limited quantity that existed at any point, there's likely very few left. You could probably get a very top dollar amount
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  3. I know it has been a couple of Months since I have been able to update this list but I have been very busy with irl stuff but I would like to get back into updating this list again. I did a couple of update to some of the prices but I'm guessing there is still a lot more that needs to be updated so if anyone has any things that you think need updating please comment down below or shot me a Pm here or on discord and I'll update the price very soon after.
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  4. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this mancub. It's a lot of work to keep it up to date but it's really helpful for a lot of people
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  5. why is the 100k gear worth less than the 500k gear?
  6. I'm thinking cause the prices were higher in /shopworld to purchase additional items. The 100k items were only 10k a piece and the 500k prices were 50k a piece.
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  7. ahh ok thanks
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  8. Is the Vixen supposed to be 65k?
  9. I have seen a few of them sell for around that in deals, one being myself in an auction lol
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  10. They're being sold for 25k at residence 125 on SMP1, and there's plenty in stock.
  11. I will ask again just incase anyone has any idea. What would an emc games medal be worth?
  12. It would be difficult to find it's worth since there is only 1 (I assume your name is on it?) so it's worth would likely be what you would sell it for.
  13. Yeah, there were other events with diamond medals so I'm not sure if anyone else has them and yeah my name is on it as well as mob arena.