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Discussion in 'Price Inquiries' started by The_Mancub, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. Awesome!

    Thanks for putting your time and effort into this!
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  2. Omenoss? Omneoss! ;)

    I get typos happen and it really doesn't matter but - why not.
  3. Oh, you think it's nice - Here's what's going to happen.

    The_Mancub: I need another Ham Hacker for my museum.
    But all I have is 2k.

    *lowers price on thread* There we go...

    Nah - I agree! Dude, we really needed one of these, thanks so much!
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  4. I dont know what you are talking about?
    Same thing I dont know what you are talking about sorry
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  5. i Be live i found 2 errors I will high them in red

    In both spots i belive you are talking about the same item but you have them listed twice xD

    edit: i somehow managed to put 2 spoilers in xD (forgot to put the edit: there the first time also i goofed it up

    edit:2 yeah i had a bit of trouble with spoilers xD
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  6. Looked it over and look at some promos in game they are not errors they are different promos
  7. hmmm as far as i am aware...
    there is only 2 type's of instructions xD but you have 3 listed

    Promo Instructions
    Promo Instructions green text

    As far as i am aware all Promo instructions all have green names?

    And for the books there is only 2 type's of 2017 purple people party signatures and and krysyy i am not sure what the 3rd one you are talking about is

    If you have any Screenshots or know where i can see the 3rd item from both mentioned I would really appreciate it if you could tell/show me :)
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  8. I got rid of one of the 3 PPP sigs as for the 3 types of instructions I know there are 2 for sure but I was told but a player there are 3 types and that's what I put.
  9. These are the only two types of instructions released to mine and the wiki's knowledge.

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  10. Just sold the Iron Supporter Gift for 1.8 million.
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  11. ouch
  12. Just sold an EMC Treasure Voucher for 2.2mil :)
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  13. I know this doesn't really go here, but I might suggest adding no longer obtainable MC vanilla items due to updates
    Such as glitch blocks(purple/black), Infinity/Mending God Bow (currently 70k)

    and why I came here, to see if fireworks with no lore of duration type (pre 1.11 (or 1.11.1) don't know exactly) are worth anything
  14. currently selling those on 14477 for 70k each xD
  15. Sorry but I’m going to stick with just promos here. If you want to make a thread on no longer obtainable items feel free to do so.
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  16. That would be helpful for Infinity Mending bows and stuff, someone should totally do that.
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  17. The diamond supporter voucher price, I think, is down to ~250k, just because I can buy it in-game for around that much. I'll update once my auction is finished.

    I also believe that the cost of an ore buster is more around 400k- I've been following Sachrock's auction and it seems to not be going very much out of that zone.
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