The problems of Krysyy, Aikar and how EMC is run.

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  1. I think we all have opinions on how EMC is still alive or dying and you are jumping ship but that doesn't mean the staff don't hear what we are saying.
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  2. Oh, they sure hear.
    The question is whether what they do will avert what is coming.
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  3. This is the Krysyy I know, and yes Staff talk about staff and players, sometimes not in such a nice way but if someone irritates you to breaking point your not going to talk about them in a great way.

    Krysyy and staff have done a great job over the years, and it's not always been easy, I doubt there is anyone who has not given someone else a hard time and frustrated them or been frustrated by them. We are human and its our nature, let us all be more understanding and tolerant of each other for our good and not so good points.
  4. I got tired of trying to read all of this; i made it to page 9 after about 2 hours of reading.

    What i haven't seen yet (and if this was addressed, then just skip my post) is about the events // EMC being quiet thing.

    please note i could be wrong in what i'm saying. I'm just trying to find solutions.

    I think a big issue here is that the server's staff events have been too saturated. If we could move the focus of events to more player-hosted than staff events rather than vice versa, perhaps the events calendar can be saved. I haven't really thought into the specifics of it all, but we really need a change in what events are happening. Player hosted events are just really hard to get a turnout with the systems we have in place. hence why i've only ever tried to do one and haven't tried since.

    I'm not going to fully express more of my opinions because i'm a month late to all of this and i really don't feel like reading through the other 13 pages (244 messages) of millimeter wide characters all slapped together with thousands of keystrokes just to check if a sentence or two of it all was similar to my thoughts.

    In case you're interested, i'm neutral on this whole thing, i think both sides have made many mistakes, i'm worried for Krysyy on her massive workload and replacing her will not fix that, and i think some kind of Excel, Trello, or spreadsheet thing would be extremely beneficial to the playerbase in knowing exactly where the development is at this point in time. Yeah it'd be a pain in the ass to set up, but we need a pain-in-the-ass solution to get us out of the mess we're in.

    also, people like MoreMoople and chickeneer deserve so much more kudos than what they're getting for their work on EMC. Seriously, the staff are all madlads.
    (Sin Project - Drugs intensifies in the background)
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  5. Yes, this has been brought up.
    And I would agree with your general comment about the player events needing some love and care.
    Kryssy replied that they were working on an idea, but there have been no updates since then.

    Here is the link to the discussion thread about improvements and suggestions which is a much shorter read ;)

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  6. Update: aikar needs to code one final change in the system to make it work. He's going to look at after he ingests tons of turkey :)
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  7. Save some for me! Lol us brits only get turkey on Christmas!
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  8. save me some mac n cheese!!
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  9. Any news on the Updates to Player Events?
  10. As soon as he can finish it, I will let you all know the update. Holidays are now over and we're handling some other pending issues starting off 2020, as well as lending helping hands to chickeneer for his update.
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