The OMG Thread

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  1. Hello EMC!
    Ever have a OMG Moment?
    Well here is where you can post it!
    Whether its a build,Cool stuff ext.
    Dosen't matter if its a big OMG or a Little one :p
    I'll Start off
    After clicking 1,000,000 times I wound up with a suprise
  2. Thanks for the thread :D

  3. I smell a conspiracy! :mad:

    You cannot fool me, I'm onto your trail. You know what I mean: you ticking tock towing tenants :D

    (you got to admit: it sounds cool) :p

    My OMG moment... I can be really open about that. A ticking tock. A soulbound clock. You got to understand: before the compass became cool on the Empire the one thing I carried with me everywhere I went was a clock. Because it can seriously help you (dark = monster ball, light = hasta la vista, zombie!).

    So I have been fighting Momo for a long time, always on difficulty 8 (/diff 9).

    Then at one time my friend / (<- slash) alter-ego AyanamiKun decides to take on Momo because for reasons I don't know anymore. On a very high difficulty, oh yes: diff 7 (!!). (she usually uses 4).

    Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. She got a ticking tock! :eek:

    OMG! :D

    Ever since then I've been envious (in a good way!) of Aya. I want my ticking tock too! :D

    (for the record: I honestly dislike the fact that I never got anything on diff 8, but she got stuff on diff 7, but at the same time I love this as well. If you look at our track record so to speak it is honest. Aya, in my opinion, deserved this. And so I can actually end up liking the whole thing even though.... OMG, that should have been my ticking tock! :)).
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  4. O-M-G there is a OMG-thread to share all my OMG-moments in, sad I have none :(
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  5. OMG Jelle found the thread :D
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