The Official Staff Introduction: jaqque

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  1. I'm pretty sure I already congratulated you on the first thread, but why not again: congratulations! :D
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  2. Congratulations and welcome to the team :)
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  3. Congratulations jaqque. :D
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  4. The Official Hashhog Welcome: Welcome, jaqque

    Hey jaqque!

    Hello to our newest staff member: jaqque :D

    Your 'wiley' persona is sure to bring even more great moments to the EMC! If you haven't introduced yourself, well, get on it!

    If you'd like to apply to the staff team, you don't need to.
    If you'd like to recommend someone for staff team, see

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  5. Congrats to you :D
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  6. Could we get the context to this? :p

    (I made sure it's not just a word I don't know: )

    Anyway: nice, new moderator!
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  7. Meaning He's crafty, cunning, sly, or a jokester like Wile E Coyote.

    He's a straight up good fella. Glad to have him on smp4!
  8. See his profile pic =)
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  9. Thank you! Lucky's post had made me look up 'Wile E Coyote', and Google coupled it to 'The Road Runner', which was referred to in the OP! So now I understand. :)
  10. Woot woot welcome again Jaqque!
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  11. Thank you all! I'm pleased and proud to join the Staff team, and am looking forward to serving my fellow players in the best Minecraft community.
  12. Congratulations on becoming a mod jaqque, you sure deserve it :). It's nice to finally have some staff on smp4, but now that you have these new responsibilities who's going to feed the cows?
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  13. It's nice to see a reply from someone who personally knows jaqque. :)
  14. I know I'm a bit late but congrats jaqque! I still remember meeting you on smp4, it was great :p
    I know we don't see each other that much (considering I'm next to never on smp4) but I hope we can catch up again soon :)

    (I'd like to see more context on what you meant by this. In my mind this came off extremely rude to the people who posted above (which they obviously don't deserve) especially people who don't personally know him)
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  15. Congratulations jaqque! I hope to see you in-game sometime soon! :D
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  16. Long time no see :D
    Are you back?
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  17. Well, thanks for the notice! :) I said this because, contrary to all the other people who posted before, Conq_ is not very active on the forum (actually, having just checked, he's more active than I thought: I didn't realise he was so new, so the low amount of posts made me assume he hardly ever posted—nonetheless, he's a lot less active than the other people who have posted, besides PetezzaDawg, who just came back from an unexpected break), and because of that I has a starting assumption that he posted because he personally knew jaqque, and not just because he thought it'd be nice to congratulate this new staff member. This starting assumption got strengthened by the fact that Conq_ posted fairly late into the thread. Maybe he found out about it because he knew jaqque, and not because he was checking the forum anyway. Then as a final confirmation, Conq_ not only knew what jaqque's home server is, but also included a personal reference that most people would not get, and was specifically directed at jaqque (the cow thing). I thought this was really cool. :)
    I'm not necessarily assuming that the other people who have posted in this thread don't know jaqque, and actually, looking through the thread again, I found another person that probably knows him (Arieskidattheheart), but Conq_'s message is by far the most personal. :)
    Is that enough context? ;)
  18. Ah, a new member of the imperial moderation. Good to meet you, soldier.
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  19. OMG congratulations! I log on randomly just to see what's up and what a great surprise! You totally deserve it, especially after surviving the Regen Netherhound Attack of '17. Shudder. I still have PTSD. I'm probably going to have to actually start playing again now!!