The Official Staff Introduction: jaqque

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  1. I unlike that I can only like this once.

    Context: neffykitty was one of the first people I started playing with, and a large reason I became more active.

    In short - it's her fault you have me.
  2. dagnabit! neffykitty!.. This is all your fault! eeerrmm.. Welcome to the team jaqque!! =D

  3. MUA HA HA yes I am ever present - I see all, even when offline - my influence knows no bounds!
    Seriously though I've got to log back on now...... see what rules I can "bend" JK JK JK

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  4. I know its "Rude to bump old threads" but I wanted to share

  5. How is there 'jaq' or 'jock' in 'strap'. :confused:
    I just pronounce Jacques. :p
  6. A jockstrap is a protection undergrament for male athletes.
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