The (official) SMP2 travel guide!

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  1. Welcome to the SMP2 travel guide!

    We've all been here before, right? You log onto the game, chat with some of your friends but when the chat eases a bit you're sometimes left asking yourself what to do next. Should you go out mining, though you don't really feel up to it? Or maybe you should harvest your crops; but that is work which you're not into right now... So what should you do?


    How about taking a trip to the server which has it all: S.M.P. 2 (that's two)! The server which more or less started the EMC as we know it today... The server where both Aikar & Krysyy started playing.

    Maxarian & Aikar's tundra palace; here a lot of the modern EMC started...

    Which brings us our first section...

    Sight seeing

    Do you like looking around for interesting or sometimes obscure buildings? Then SMP2 is the server for you! When you arrive to our server for the first time you'll start in the spawn area, a place where you can find some impressive buildings with a nice friendly Gallifreyan-like atmosphere:

    I already told Krysyy about the res. message, but I just had to (ab)use it :D

    And if you look around our server you can come across all sorts of interesting (or uninteresting) buildings and designs. Some of the SMP2 residents are quite the artists! There's literally tons of things to see and do here like the bottle in the ship as shown to the left. Of course this is but one small example of some of the massive diversity our server has to offer.

    SMP2 is also the home of the famous Empire Park, which can be visited by simply walking past the huge Dalek next to the town spawn, or by using the in-server teleport command: /park. Visiting the park has all you need: a small playground to keep the kids happy, a fishing pond where you can sometimes also find free of charge fishing rods, and finally also a secret area underneath.

    The fishing area in the Empire park, clearly visible is the Space Needle in the background, build by SMP2's own SSRC.

    Fashion scene

    SMP2 also has an underground fashion scene where some of the hip and not so hip will often show off with their cool new style. And if you're lucky you might even make money from your coolness by participating in some of the occasionally held skin competitions. Who knows, it might just win you a cool souvenir to remember your stay!

    A picture taken with a hidden camera in a classy underground redstone club...


    Everyone likes to shop from time to time, and boy can SMP2 provide! There are dozens of shops on our server and unfortunately we don't have the space in this brochure to mention them all. But two fo the better known shop holders have agreed to participate in this guide ;)


    What is more fancy than some cool clothes and bling to show off to your friends? Right, horses! A horse is a horse of course, and you want the fastest of horse of course. One which should have the finest leather saddles and obviously diamond horse armor, you don't want to settle for anything less. To meet that demand SMP2's very own LadyJaye has set up her Horse Shoe Plaza => /v +hsp on SMP2 (obviously)!

    Horse Shoe Plaza, on SMP2 => /v +hsp!

    Commodities and bling!

    Are you looking for ways to pay for all the luxury you're after? Or maybe you already have money and are looking to buy some more stuff to really show off to your friends, say a pair of wings? Whether you're looking for a job, looking to buy something fancy or looking for a place where you can sell some of your hard earned mining spoils then Poofasaurus has all you need! Grown out into one of the better known malls on SMP2, Poof most likely has what you're looking for => /v +poof, on SMP2 (duh!).

    Our own Poofasaurus in the teleport room of her famous mall. => /v +poof


    Shopping can make you hungry, even though there's no hunger in town. So why not spent some quality time in one of our many restaurants? One of our better known restaurant holders is none other than HelloKittyRo who has build a whole sky platform right next to her mall. This is where some of the SMP2 hip people hang out. And best of all? No reservations required! Just do /v +ro, turn around and walk right in! Obviously only on SMP2!

    Hello HelloKittyRo! => /v +ro

    Frontier community!

    Of course not all the action happens in town. SMP2 also has a very active Frontier community, thanks to our own ElfinCarrot who is the founder of one of the largest public outposts on SMP2: Underhelm.

    The entrance to Underhelm, one of SMP2's better known established outposts.

    Space program!

    No, you read this right. Our own xXBuffa1oXx doesn't have a space station but a moon above his residence, which automatically calls for creative ways to go there. Which is where the SMP2 space program comes into play. Some of our scientists have spend a lot of time and effort to find the best ways to get up there and meet the aliens errr: explore the unknown :p


    One of our better known members, JennyPoo10, is also a known sportswoman. A rowster! When she had to leave the server for a while because of upcoming tournaments we gave her a well deserved goodbye party (don't worry: her residences have permanent protection on them, and she'll be back!).

    The SMP2 community also cares for its residents!

    Lot's of building space!

    Residence of one of our newest members: maciasbros.

    If you really want to get a taste of SMP2 then why not get your own residence here? Many players have come here before you, and I'm sure many more players will. We have plenty of space available and our server community would like nothing more than to welcome you to our server.

    SMP two likes to welcome you!
  2. SMP2'ers feel free to join in!

    Do you have a shop, a museum or any other public place on SMP2 which you'd like to point peoples attention to? Then feel free to post here and point people to your own thread (link) or simply add a bit of advertisement on this thread yourself!

    I'd like to make this thread a somewhat official tourguide and obviously there's waay too much stuff on SMP2 for me to mention it all. So yeah: feel free to add your own as long as it's on SMP2!

    How well do you know SMP2?!

    Aya has found a secret location on a mysterious residence, located on SMP2. Can you find out on which residence she's hiding (in the picture, not actively in-game)? If you do you can win some nice prizes.

    The SMP2 Hide & Seek event =>
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  7. and my staff head museum at 3322 :D
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  8. Links and pics please, or otherwise it didn't happen :p (just joking on that last part of course). I updated my 2nd post: feel free to join in and link people to your museum thread, or post some pictures yourself!
  9. Oh wow! The thread is here! Amazing :p
    Shell asked me to comment about my Mega Mall. The mega mall is /v +hkr or /v 4390 It is located on /smp2. The mall contains food, tools, items for combat, spawners, brewing, miscellaneous, and gems. Here is a photo of the mall:

    Come check it out!
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  10. The tag for the moon is /v +moon, and the tree in front of it is /v 4193 tree. You'll have to climb a bit to get to the top, but it's a great view.
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  11. Also, for anyone looking to fly an elytra around downtown, /v 3558 was put up by SSRCCorp. Tons of tall buildings to fly around down there.
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  12. Great Guide! Sightseeing list? lol :)
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  13. Thanks for the thread Shell! Visitors to SMP2 are welcome to visit my farm (/v +car).

    My small shop sells many useful enchanted items various, building blocks, and enchanting beverages. If you are short on rupees, you can sell me farm items such as carrots, wheat, potatoes, and sugar cane.
    Spend your loot on a useful tome containing a compilation of end portals. Once you are so equipped, you are ready to explore the empire and end cities.

    If the wind is blowing correctly, you may notice some familiar baselines echoing throughout the trees. As you wander the farm, talk to the hirelings and they may offer some surprisingly useful trades. If you find the snowman hiding behind the strange purple plants on the top, ask him for some of his cold stuff. By winter, there will be a lot more of it around the res...
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    I just want to say thank you to all the comments I got so far, both here as well as in-game. You guys are awesome!

    I really think it was about time that SMP2 had a thread of its own and I'm happy that most SMP2 players are pleased with the way it turned out so far.