The most versatile block in the game?

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  1. Hi gang,

    One of the reasons I enjoy playing Minecraft so much isn't just redstone or the building, it's also the crafting and the involved "tech trees" as I call them. It's the same thing which got me hooked on the Command & Conquer series (and Starcraft) so much... Gather resources, build a starting point (base, or a crafting table & furnace within Minecraft) and expand from there.

    Of course Minecraft is totally different from C&C (or any other Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for that matter) but the tech trees are a bit comparable I think.

    For example; dig out clay balls and you can make choices. You can craft them back into clay blocks, cook those and you'll get hardened clay, which you can even use to apply colors on. OR you cook the balls individually which gives you bricks, then you can use those to make brick blocks and from those you can make other things like stairs and slabs again.

    And that got me thinking... What is the most versatile block of them all?

    My pick? Sand! Because sand can start so many tiers of crafting...

    First you have sand which you can smelt into glass blocks. And those blocks can then be crafted into panes. Not very spectacular eh?

    No, it's the 2nd branch which I'm interested in: sandstone.

    Sand can be crafted into sandstone. And sandstone can be crafted into stairs, slabs and smooth sandstone. And those slabs can be used to craft chiseled sandstone. Sand -> sandstone -> sandstone slab -> chiseled sandstone.

    So, any specific 'tech trees' which you like best?
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  2. IRON! Iron is the base of so so so many things in Minecraft.
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  3. Wood
    'Nuff said.
  4. slime block u can make so much stuff with it flying machines, water removal, trampolines, tent cannons doors and the list goes on and on
  5. Wood Log- Plank- stick- sword (4)
    Sand- Sandstone- Sandstone slab- chiseled sandstone (4)
    Lets see if we can find one with 5 layers.
  6. Sapling
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  7. Iron and saplings don't really count because they do not necessarily blocks. Also saplings go with wood which was already stated.
  8. Grass and dirt
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  9. Iron block ;)
  10. I would have to say - Stone as it is one of the most abundant resources in the game probably 2nd only to dirt, but it actually has multiple uses.

    You mine it and you get cobblestone from which you can make stairs, slabs, and walls.
    Add vines to cobblestone and you get mossy cobblestone.
    You can make stone slabs by crafting it.
    Put 4 of them in the crafting table and you get stone bricks from which you can also make stairs, and slabs.
    If that is not enough cook those stone bricks and you can get cracked stone brick.
    You can even stack a couple of slabs and get chiseled stone bricks.
    Add vines to stone brick and you get mossy stone bricks.

    Stone is also a base component of some redstone components.
    Stone Button
    Pressure Plate

    While maybe not the preferred choice, stone can also be used to make basic tools and weapons.

    Stone also has the distinction of being the only block to have a mob mimic it. - Silverfish.
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  11. I'm confused, by versatile are we asking how many crafting recipes or how long the tech tree?
  12. By definition found here :

    I believe the 2nd listing to be the correct application of the word as the OP has used it.

    having or capable of many uses:
    a versatile tool.

    Which would mean which block has the most uses.

    Shell did, however, go on to inquire :

    So I believe a tangent of the original inquiry was spawned and tech tree length became a parameter for interest.
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  13. Iron absolutely counts. Shel mentioned clay balls in the OP, they are not a "block" in & of themselves but have so many varied uses.
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  14. Lol, in that case... Go knock yourself out with diamonds then xD
  15. Iron can be crafted into many tools, a golem, is needed to get diamonds, the easiest way to power a beacon, is needed for rails, to mine red stone, also needed to mine gold, and any player who knows what they're doing acquirers some as soon as they can. Also, did I mention that hoppers, pistons, and minecarts need iron!? If you ask me, it is the most versatile thing in the game. Plus, iron IRL allowed us to build the things we have today. That's why it's called the Iron Age.
    Sure, diamond can do a few of those things, but iron can do so much more!
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  16. In terms of crafting ability, diamonds are alittle less versatile than iron. But yeah, despite the things you can do with iron and the various ores, wood outshines it by alot.
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  17. True. But iron is shinier. ^_^
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  18. The most very useful to me in my opinion is coal blocks :p
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  19. For me, wood has to be the one block to trump them all.

    In crafting standpoint of view, wood is a renewable resource and has 6 main kind, all useable for any recipe it has. It provides the all important crafting table, sticks for tools, a way to create charcoal and torches, light in darkness, many many building blocks...

    The tech tree can go far too. Wood to planks, to sticks, to bow, to dispensers (5 lvl) Maybe even further in other recipes..

    But all in all, wood is your first resource, the one and only that requires fist punching to get anything started. It has that appeal that cries survival. Nothing beats the charm of your first wood hut in a tree. Even at the end game, wood stays vital to any endeavour might it be for building bridges, ladders, torches or tools.

    There is also books, fishing, eggifying, stick fights, water tunnels with ladders, possibilities are almost endless. It's even the fastest "redstone" mecanism you can get (buttons)

    Lastly, it is the only utility block that by it's source can provide food thru oak leaves/apples.

    It might be mundane because we use it all the time, but it is really the ultimate pillar to minecraft survival.
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  20. Oh my. I didn't even mention chests and sings! Wood is also part of the core element of our beloved servers! It runs economy like nothing else could!

    That was worth mentioning I think

    I wouldn't be surprised that Aikar is also made of wood hinself. Ancien and wise.. (brown nosing at its best)

    Edit: Of course I didn't forget to mention the bed.
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