The most important thing in the world!

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  1. ¿Abla espãnól?
    Not me
    But really, do you speak another language?
  2. melons
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  3. Friends? Love? Everyone thinks the most important things in life are different :)
  4. Whoops sorry edit didn't come fast enough lol
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  5. I'm not sure what lenguage is that but I'm sure that's not spanish.
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  6. Ja. Ich spreche nicht so gut Deutsche...xD
  7. I want to learn danish and mandrin. I am getting some resettable stone for christmas.
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  8. I speak German and am learning Chinese and Indonesian. But I want to speak Swiss German.
  9. I want to learn russian
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  10. I just love Latin. For sure.
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  11. Si, yo hablo espanol.
    Por que tu no hablas espanol?
  12. Me too!
    If you could type the opening question mark and the accents... That'd be great.
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  13. Meh, too much work...
  14. J'aime parler français.
    Et toi?
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  15. then y u dun typ lyk dis
    Oui :D
  16. Min familj. Min dator. Coding. Comics? Jag kan faktiskt inte välja mellan något av detta.

    Detta är svenskt, förresten.
  17. A mí también me gustan los cómics y programar :D
  18. I am learning Welsh and German. I know more German though! Welsh is okay but the stuff you learn is schools is crap and my teacher isn't very good at all :(
  19. Well... looks like i already have an adventage... apart from english i speak hungarian(native), aand i want to laeran spanish, german and russian
  20. I speak English.
    Ik spreek Nederlands.
    Je parle français.

    Haha, I speak English, Dutch, and I'm learning French.