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  1. I can speak Klingon (From Starr Trekkie) and english and broken french.
    tlhIngan maH!
    (We Are Klingons!)
  2. I can teach you basic spanish :D
  3. That's cool! I speak high valyrian :)
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  4. My first language is English.
    My second language is Spanish (but i'm not very good at it :p)
    My third language is Swedish.
  5. I took german but failed it, shows my language skills.
  6. Lets ask Robot Chicken, Here's their answer
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  7. The level of difficulty depends on the method of study, I recommend you to study verbs and expressions. The rest (vocabulary) comes with time and practise :)
    I'm saying this because it was impossible for me to learn french until this new proffesor at school taught us how to learn languages easily:
    Don't focus in pronunciation or vocabulary, because it is very difficult to learn endless lists of words and trying to pronounce correctly sounds that you aren't familiar with, when normally a word's meaning can be guessed by its context, and the accent usually comes from experience and interaction with speakers of that language.
  8. I studied very hard for 1 year and a half and thats when I gave up when the only things I learned was hi and numbers. I had a tutor and still couldn't go anywhere, some people just can't learn foreign language
  9. That's not true. If you couldn't learn it, it was because of a lack of interest, or because the method wasn't good. Everyone is capable of learning languages, and by learning I mean being able to maintain a normal conversation or at least understand it.
  10. Je parle Francais, et Hindi
  11. Estidio el español. Me gusta mucho porque la professora simpática y un poco divertida.
  12. *Estudio español. Me gusta mucho porque la profesora es simpática y un poco divertida.
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  13. With Spanish I learned sentences that had no meaning other than the translation we had been told for about half the year. The. We started learning about adjectives and then verbs and now present tense (presente simple). Once you learn this you can begin to pice together sentences on your own... This led to some stupid ones in class like "I live in a bannana".
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  14. .____.
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  15. I am learning French.
  16. I speak English, obviously. :p I also speak fairly good Spanish, pretty great Australian, about seventeen words in Japanese, some Greek curses that would not be appropriate to list, and a handful of random words from languages such as Polish, German, French, Chinese, etc. :)

    EDIT: Just thought I'd mention that when I say Australian, I mean that I have become quite good at using the slang properly. :)
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  17. My friend has a complete vocabulary with curses and things to yell at people, but in Latin. It's pretty funny cause we've only met one someone who understood it until now. Sometimes it's not really appropriate, but when people don't understand you, they won't be hurt;)
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  18. I speak Dutch as my native language, I also speak English :rolleyes: I can understand German and talk a bit German, I also can understand French and say a few French words, and i speak Fries (fries is an dialect of Dutch, but fries and dutch do not sound the same)

    Go Holland :D
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  19. Why danish? Learn Norwegian!
    How did you learn that?

    Alsol, my first language is Norwegian. My second is English and my third is German.
    But I also understand Swedish and Danish.
  20. I'm learning Spanish now and know a few bad words in German.