The most important thing in the world!

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  1. Learning French :)
  2. Dutch , english , a bit german , and a bit C# :p
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  3. Frisian is a real language. Much more than a dialect. It's too bad that the usage drains, cause back in time(like hundreds of years ago) the Frisians were really powerful and big.
  4. Je peux parler francais. :D
  5. I heard they are very similar :D
  6. "robot chicken" not Chickeneer s alt at all...xd
  7. Yes they are, but Norwegian is so much better!
    Norwegians understand (mostly) everything the swedish and danish people say, and they understand the norwegians..
  8. I"m talking about a show but okay....
  9. Ich spreche Deutsch, naja ich bin ja auch in Deutschland geboren :p
    And I learn English in school,
    et lingua latina ( Latin )
    et une peu Francais
  10. I want to learn Latin.. Is it difficult to learn?
  11. Yo estoy estudiando el español, pero me gustaría saber alemán. Pues, yo sé algunas palabras, por ejemplo "Guten Tag."
  12. I understand everything you just said
  13. yes it is ( in my oppinion ) very difficult. you have to learn a lot of forms and another case. Latin has 5 cases, with different forms. In English you have 4, which don't differ so mutch like in Latin or German.
    And I don't like French, because of the pronounciation :)


    Everything I get is "Good morning" in German :p
    but it's Spain, I guess
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  14. What I said was: I am studying Spanish, but I would like to know German. Well, I know some words, for example "Guten Tag." :p
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  15. From watching PewDiePie (mainly cuss words though :p), and I also picked up an online dictionary. I also have 3 ex-friends who are Swedish, and 2 friends who are swedish. They taught me some :3
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  16. I find that British people are lazy at learning different languages and a lot of people don't even speak a 2nd language non fluently. This is just generalization of course and does not apply to everybody, so please don't be offended :p. When we go to other countries we tend to just expect other people to know our language. That's what I find anyway. I seem to find that people from other European countries seem to know many more languages than Brits.
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  17. Hola como esta, yo hablo español :D, Hi I speak English :D, Olá eu falo Potuguês :D.
  18. I only speak English. I tried learning Latin once and failed miserably. But I can understand Redneck and Hillbilly.
  19. wel.. that was a joke to begin with, second sorry if you didnt get it third i dont know what country aired it fourth i dont watch tv like... 2 maybe 3 years since
  20. Ego puto is is facilis. :3
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