The Intellectual Contest

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  1. post 100 on this thread!
  2. This STILL hasn't been completed? XD I thought this was done a while ago, that's why I gave up. :p
  3. Reasons why I'm not competing
    1) Too Stupid
    2)Don't know how to use photo editing software
    3)Don't even get how this works
  4. 2 and 3 go under number 1
  5. Look at #1 again.
  6. I have finally solved this!

  7. Please dont bump old threads:)
  8. this seems really, really, really, hard
  9. its WAY outdated, he just bumped it, now dont reply or anything, it'll bump it again
  10. No I have been trying to solve it for the last month, finally got the solution. :D My earlier post is on page 5.

    It is.
  11. ? that isn't a solution.
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  12. Actually, it's not really bumping.

    He was simply posting what he thought was a solution to an ongoing contest. There was no mention of the contest coming to an end, thus the contest remains active, therefore making this thread active until otherwise noted.
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  13. No, I made a texture pack with all the letters because that was what made sense to me. I was trying to figure out how to show where the shapes were in the solution I had, but I think I got it. PM sent.
  14. It looks like komondorok has one after a long battle with intellect and concentration and to the winner goes the spoils. He has created his OWN texturepack to help him out. His solution is found below. Congrats and great job to all that tried.
  15. I would of beat him if I had about 500 more days ( or someone really smart to do it for me ) :D
  16. This is SO not what I thought the solution would look like. I was trying to make all the words fit with no spaces in between any of the letters like a true crossword puzzle. I wish again that we could have seen an example of a completed puzzle at the beginning of the competition -- it's really difficult to explain something like this.
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  17. Wow, created his own texture pack to solve it! That's dedication. Well-deserved winner!
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  18. This is quite amazing. I'd never have the patience to make an entire texture pack for this, let alone solve it. XD
  19. I only put the spaces in so that I could show how the shapes fit. There are no spaces between the letters in the actual solution, but that means you can't see the shapes:

    It's also hard to see the solution if you have only the shapes without the letters, for example using the default texture pack :p

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