The Intellectual Contest

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  1. The Official Intellectual Contest


    The Challenge:
    You will be given a 12x12 grid, 11 words (6 minecraft related words and 5 EMC member names), and some shapes. These shapes have have boxes with one letter in each box. You have to fit these shapes in the grid so that all the shapes are used to fill in the entire 12x12 grid and all the words can be found either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
    In short it is an advanced word scramble mixed with a word find.

    The Hard Part:

    In order to find all the words you not only have to fit all the pieces correctly into the grid, but you have to rearrange the letters in the individual shapes. Some will not have to be rearranged and some will. (Only rearranged in their original shapes)

    How you win!:

    Be the 1st person to correctly solve the Word Find (More than one answer is acceptable as long as all the shapes retain their specific shape the 12x12 grid is formed and all the words can be found due to extraneous letters)

    Prizes as of now:
    (most prize donations are appreciated (no dirt or cobble please :p) please PM me or amadai if you want to donate. Donations accepted until winner is crowned)

    Rupees: TOTAL - 70k rupees
    20k rupees - amadai
    20k rupees - TonicThunder
    30k rupees - Xatharon
    Full Set of Diamond Enchanted Armor - Rtardo
    Diamond Pick: Fortune III Eff V Unb III - Rtardo
    Diamond Sword: Knockback II Loot II Sharpness III - Rtardo
    Blast Protection IV Diamond Armor (Helmet is Fire Protection IV) - Me
    Protection IV Diamond Armor (Helmet is Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I, Fire Protection IV)

    6 Default Words:
    Nether, Town, End, Wild, Empire, Minecraft

    5 Names:
    JustinGuy, amadai, AlexChance, NurseKillJoy, TruthInOre

    Shapes with words here
    and Grid here

    Due to the longevity of the competition and the difficulty there can be one (1) and only one victor.
  2. So I have to fit the shapes onto a 12 by 12 grid in order to construct a word search containing the given words? Also, I am able to rearrange the letter in each given shape so long as they maintain that shape?
  3. Exactly. Let me know if something is fishy too. I checked it for an hour and a half so it SHOULD be fine.
  4. can words be made backwards and diagonally?
  5. links are set to private......
  6. Use the links at the beginning of the thread
  7. I would love to win this, but I don't have time to do it today or tomorrow, considering it's nearly the middle of the night where I live. D:

    Ah well, I'll try to do it if I have any time tomorrow, best of luck to you all!
  8. Can the words be in any order? Like going up/down, back/front, curling around?
  9. They are all found straight and in th ways mentioned above
  10. Coffee + no sleep = I. Will. Win.
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  11. Scratch that, I gave up purely because I can't edit photos to save my life.
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  12. Holy poop, so you can rearrange the letters WITHIN EACH SHAPE? My gosh.. I am going to attempt this.. *finds a pencil* STUDY CAN WAIT.

    Wait.. there's a Q in the grid, but not in any of the names? Man, i've completely confused myself already.
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  13. I just hope the rest of my life wont be this hard :p
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  14. I cannot picture in my head how this is supposed to be done. Is there an example of a completed grid that we could see?
  15. Theres no way to start with this thing. The biggest problem is to make fit it in 12x12 square. My brains are on cooldown...
  16. muchos gracias finally we can doo this lets goooo
  17. So, is the contest still on or...
    Ah who cares. I'm gonna solve it anyway. c:
  18. So last night I managed to complete 3 words.. I call that.. PROGRESS!:D
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  19. And there is more than one way to start the puzzle as I know what you are talking about
  20. 3 words in 20 minutes! I'm on fire!