The Intellectual Contest

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  1. One of three ways.
  2. Haha, for some people, it's a contest in itself just trying to figure out how this works.
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  3. (People like me)
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  4. Has anyone completed this yet?
  5. No one has sent me in the completed puzzle.
  6. This is going to take a while.
  7. I managed to get 5 words! ... not sure if I can fit the rest of them in the remaining space.
  8. Haha yeah, I'll get a few and then start over because I accidentally used too many U's or something.
    Repeat x100
  9. Has anyone solved this yet?
  10. No.
  11. Well I mean I solved it... with the right answers next to me...!
  12. I am stuck at work tonight, and I vow I will have this solved before morning...
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  13. Major Prize REVAMP!
  14. who took out their donation? this used to be a 100k rupee win... why is now only 70k? that doesn't seem fair.
    I migt have a chance now, lol...
  16. was 3am and i reread the rules....once I read that each word block had to be unscrambled I said forget it...
  17. I invested it my stake in it in Armor and Picks for prizes.
    2 more sets of fully enchanted armor and another 3x enchanted pick.
  18. Once I sell the pick I am auctioning off though (10k) I will add it back in and as I make more $ I will add it back in as an incentive to get this done.
  19. so how do i get the letters and words into the grid?
  20. You can print cut and glue, or use paint/other photo editing software