The great problem of our generation.

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Which do you think is the correct abbrebiation for 1000 ruppees?

kr, e.g. "That swords is worth 7kr" 2 vote(s) 6.3%
k, e.g. "That sword is worth 7k" 30 vote(s) 93.8%
  1. Is the abbreviation for a thousand rupees k or kr? Vote today!

    I see both used, and although kr seems a little funner and more logically consistent, k is easier to type and rolls of the tongue better. Thoughts?
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  2. K

    Nice title though - drew me in. Certainly thought I'd be able to provide some drivel of a response to a burning question or observation. Needless to say I'm forced to create a witty comment to justify my time - here it is:

    I leave now to contemplate noble gases.
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  3. I say we type the full number, complete with thousand separators and two decimals, and "rupees" written after. Its fancier :)
    500k = 500.000,00/500,000.00 rupees
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  4. "k", definitely. I have never seen kr, and it doesn't seem necessary or nice.
    Nice title, indeed.
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  5. Was thinking about a 1000 words paragraph when I saw that title.

    I wouldn't put the monetary name (if thats a word) behind your number, never saw k$ or kr in emc.
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  6. I'd always use 1k rather than 1kr. I know some people use kr because it stands for "thousand rupees". So, 1k means one thousand, but 1kr could symbolize one thousand rupees. Or, like most people, you can just say 1k rupees! :p
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  7. The great problem of the younger generation is obviously rupee related, you see the whole rupee thing is.... wait. It's only about k vs. kr?

    Oh well, guess I'll just vote and agree with Steve up there. Darn kids and their misleading topics! :D
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  8. Now let's not be yelderley here. Now in the real world when you got an exact amount of $1000 you say 1k not $1k.
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  9. K.

    If it was kr, we'd be seeing $500,000 as 500kd in real life, which doesn't look right.
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  10. who else other than me actually types out everything instead of being lazy and writing k
    i would rather, and always will type 150,000/5,000 whatever the price may be... never a k -__- never, you bunch of lazies ;)
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  11. Hey now, I'm pretty sure that you use the term "lol"... like, all the time :rolleyes: I sometimes write out the numbers in full but saying 10k is just as acceptable as 10,000r anyway, so I alternate on what ever I can be bothered to do to be honest :p
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  12. i don't xD go look at anything i bid on. i promise the "k" will never be there. :p
    not like it really matters, but i just dislike the shorting thing.
  13. No, I didn't mean the "k". I genuinely meant the term "lol". Re-read my post. :p

    EDIT: in regards to the bit where you said lazies :rolleyes:
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  14. k.
    What about this question: Would you say
    "I have 1000r" OR
    "I have 1k"
  15. XD i entirely missed that :p
  16. Oh...well talk about clickbait ;-;
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  17. Depends on how rushed I am, but anything 10k and over I always type with a k, unless it's not round, of course.
  18. Technically, I think it should be kr, but I'm lazy, so I just use k :p
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