The Good Samaritan Award 2014 Introduction Thread

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  1. The Good Samaritan Award

    Hello, Empire Minecraft! Olaf_C and I are here to announce the return of the Good Samaritan Award (GSA), which we will be co-hosting throughout this fall.

    Empire Minecraft is a community full of kind-hearted friends, helpful members, and courteous players, but how many of them are recognized for their good deeds? The Good Samaritan Award is an opportunity for some of our members to be rewarded for their kindness.

    This thread was made as an introduction to the award, so you'll find more information in the official thread, which will be created once we have confirmed all details about how the contest will be run. However, know that the structure of the award has been changed, so it is important that even if you kept up to date with this first Good Samaritan Award, it will be necessary to read the full thread once it has been posted.

    However, it is never too early to begin collecting donations! If you would like to make a rupee or item donation to the award, please send it to either Olaf_C or me and let one of us know so that we can recognize your contribution. :)

    If you have any questions about the award, feel free to ask Olaf_C or myself on the forums or ingame.

    Remember, keep on supporting the forums! #EMCForumLife ;)

    ClareMuss: 50,000r
    BabyCreepersRule: 5,000r
    Scorpio528: 10,000r
    samsimx: 500,000r
    jrm531: 50,000r
    Chespinlover77: 10,000r
  2. Reserved for future use

    To donate rupees, fill out the following gform:

    To donate items of some sort, fill out the following gform:
    new election system has been set up to help avoid bias. I hope that this redo will be worth it :)

    Big thank you to hash for volunteering! Because of my business in real life, I realized I could not handle the award alone. The most recent attempt failed because I was too busy, and I realize I also need to change things up. Hash volunteered to bring back the award, and I offered to help. He brought new blood to the award, which is will help the award succeed this time around.

    To see the original award, click here
  3. I can help set up forms and stuff, all that stuff is pretty easy for me. Just in case you needed a third wheel for a couple things :p
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  4. Bump! Donation forms have been added in the second post :)
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  5. Thank you to ClareMuss (sorry if I spelled that wrong) for our first donation, and it is a big one (50,000r)!
  6. It's back! :o
  7. I'm glad to contribute! I think this is a great idea! :)
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  8. We'd also like to thank BabyCreepersRule, who has donated 5,000 rupees! :D
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  9. Bump for kindness. :)
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  10. Bump! :)
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  11. HUGE THANK YOU TO SAMSIMX FOR 500,000r!!!!!!!

    Also thank you to jrm for 50,000r!!!
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  12. Thank you to Scorpio528 for an awesome 10,000r donation!

    We are getting so many donations for this already! Thank you all so much for everything you're doing to support the award. We love you guys! :)
  13. Thanks to Faithcaster for 5 vault vouchers and a 2014 birthday cake!
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  14. Bump! :D
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  15. Weekend bump!
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  16. Will it work the same way as last year?
  17. I made a new system that will be revealed soon :).
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  18. Bump! We should hopefully be revealing the main, let's-get-this-party-in-gear post soon, including the new and improved system. :)
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  19. Yay! I'm excited :D I recently blew my rupees on TNT, so I can't donate. Sorry D; Can someone else do it on my behalf xDD
  20. Bump! Almost done with draft form :)
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