The Empire Good Samaritan Award

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  1. The Empire Good Samaritan Award!

    Important Notice: The competition is over. Congrats to Nick_Godoy of smp1!

    Hello Everyone! This is Olaf_C here with my first server wide contest!

    Do you have a friend here, on Empire Minecraft, who is extremely nice but receives no credit or recognition? I spend a lot of time on EMC, and see this happen all the time! The "Good Samaritan Award" is to recognize these players and reward them for their amazing courage and generosity and show them our appreciation!

    The contest is planned to run for the month of October. It will be split into 2 rounds.

    Round 1 is a competition conducted individually on each SMP server, where I will place a "spy" who reports their findings to me. Only I, Olaf_C, will know the spies identities. Each spy will nominate 5 players on their assigned server. Everyone will then be able to vote for the nominated players on this thread. Voting will be limited to 1 vote per person, per server. (Please do not use alternate accounts to vote.)

    Round 2 will pit the round 1 winners against each other. The final vote will choose the
    Good Samaritan of the Empire!

    Please read the below spoilers for specific contest information.

    Round 1 will be conducted between Oct. 1 to Oct. 15 and will consist of 10 days for initial nominations and 5 days of voting. As mentioned, voting will be conducted here, by replies.

    Round 2
    will begin after completion of Round 1, and will last until October 31. The winners of round 1 will be assessed by the spies and report back with their findings. The team of spies and I will make final decision on the final winner of the competition.

    There will be no player voting in this round. This decision was made in order to give each round 1 winner an equal opportunity, as some of the servers are "smaller." (SMP2, 3, 6, etc.)

    Round 1 prizes will consist of 9 small prizes that are to be determined.

    Round 2 prizes will be 9 times the value of Round 1's prize! For example, if the round one prize consists of 10,000R then the round 2 prize would be 90,000R. This would give the winner a total of 100,000R (10k in round 1 + 90k in round 2 = 100k!)

    In addition, the winner of round 2 will receive my head, a beacon, a treasure voucher, a labor bench, a "Special Edition Mini TARDIS" (renamed clock) and a "Second Chance Book."

    Spies for all SMP servers and the forums have been selected.

    Round 1:
    Round 2: 100k (90k+ the part 1 prize).

    Top Donating Players:

    Brickstrike: 1000r
    Todd_Vinton: 1000r
    Samurai_Pig: 1600r
    Luckypat: 5000r
    auggie235: 6000r
    cheesehead88: 10000r
    bel101bel: 10000r
    5weety: 20000r
    xXvexenXx: 40,000r
    Deathtomb8953: 50000r
    Importerer: Many Special Items
    Thanks to all of you, additional donations are no longer necessary!

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  2. Voting is now over: The winners are listed in spoilers below.
    nick_godoy (also final winner)





    M4nic_M1ner (tie)




    NOTE: I plan to fix caps and add color to names soon.

    Honorable Mentions:
    1. iamkhatru (pardon if this is spelled wrong)
    2. xharo_der
    3. playtehminecraft
    4. palmsugar
    5. kuradochuu (pardon if this is spelled wrong)
  3. *right in the chest* smaller server smp2.

    Not meaning to start something but by that logic there are 2.5 not small servers on the empire
  4. I am guessing the 2 big servers are SMP1, SMP9, and the 1/2 server is SMP7 or SMP4.
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  5. Special thanks to 5weety for donating a 20k, Deathtomb8953 for 50k, and xXvexenXx for 40k. If it wasn't for you guys and our other donators none of this would be possible.
  6. This will be on the front pageā€¦ I'm gonna call it now.
  7. Cool...too bad smp1 spy is taken...

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  8. Note: Please don't say you want to be a spy in the discussion for obvious reasons. If you want to still be a spy on a taken SMP you might be able to be added as an extra. Sadly, I don't think I could accept you due to this post if you were to apply, collect12
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  9. :(
    It's ok.
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  10. You can still vote for players and recommend me who will then notify spies to keep an eye on them. Do this through PM though.
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  11. Who are the spies ( I'll be one)....
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  12. SMP1 is taken, I said no mentioning in the thread and spies are secret (this is probably a joke but it still bothers me).
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  13. I wish I could donate but alas I am completely poor r-wise:(
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  14. I find it ironic how a good samaritan would win a second chance (purged) book :p

    Nice idea though, if I manage to chop up enough I'll try to donate. Pretty unique :)
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  15. ikr
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  16. Great idea :)
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  17. I dunno... smp4 and smp5 might be the ones competing for that half point... :p Hmmm.... this is extremely interesting. I will try to help donate to your contest, but on the side I am going to set up a study for which servers currently are the "biggest." Yes, this could be good...
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  18. Awesome, if you need any help with running it feel free to talk to Jack or myself. For some ideas check out our previous "good Samaritan" award here :)
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  19. I will donate an efficiency V book! :D
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